Brew & View - Soliciting Ideas!

Well, Howdy!

On our ride back from a recent OP event, I pitched an idea I’ve had for a while to @Pr0digy. The idea is to record ourselves talking through the process of building a deck in dtdb in real time (more or less) and then square off in a match on OCTGN using our newly brewed decks - hence, “Brew & View”. @Pr0digy says he’s on board, so to light a fire under this project, I’m soliciting ideas for deck-building restrictions from the community. For example:

  • Sloane gadgets
  • A/2/3 Abominations
  • 1 of each card with the keyword “weapon”

We would each pick a our favorite suggestion to focus a deck around, and then go from there. Looking forward to your comments!


The Ledgerman


I always find out-of-faction Abomination decks a fun challenge. One I haven’t tried before, and would like to see, is a First Peoples Abomination deck (I’m sure there’s a way for it to make narrative sense).


the literal Lydia Bear hand deck.


Build a deck around one or more dudes from this thread:

A dude and their card:

Wendy + Teethkickers
Erin Knight + Chasuble
Swinford + Finds Trouble
Mason + Needle
Kyle + that Ranch

(Some synergize better than others :wink: )

  • Mutant Cattle
  • Plasma Drill / Lighting the Fuse
  • Every Seedy card
  • Starting posse of Concorida, Gomorra Lot Commission, and Harvester

The Ballad of Abram: Start base set Abram, aim to level him to xp2


I love alternative win conditions in card games, like milling, or Exodia. (I’m unapologetically a massive ‘Johnny’). While DT only has one win condition, there are some very alternative ways of getting there.

I would LOVE to see someone else’s take on Dude Heavy Desolation Row. Basicly a killer D.Row deck that can cause opponents to enter into a no win scenario because of the homes trait.

‘No Influence For You’ deck that wins by dropping opponents influence suddenly.

Hot Lead Flyin’. I am tired of being the only one convinced this card is good. I don’t care what ya’ll do with it, I want someone else to make Hot Lead Flyin’ great again.


Jose Morales with Aetheric Shockwave Inducer for a ridiculously high skill rating.

Many Speak As One to make free Spirits to turn into Wretched.

Erin Bright with Confessions to pile up bounty for Eli Waters or Elmore Rhine to feed off.

Stacking Totems on Town Square with Harry Highbinder.

Arden Gilman + Aloysius Roe.

Bull Demon Kung Fu + casualty-soaking from Miracles.


Another fistful of ideas:

The XP Grind: Aim to level up as many dudes as possible

Family Reunion: Gather Zeb, Theo and Nico at The Estate. Might invite The Caretaker as well, if you’re feeling kind.

True Drift: No faction dudes in the deck - bonus points if the deck works reasonably well with at least one outfit from each faction.

That’s not where you want those: Use Ol’ Howard to make your starting lineup a Dead Man’s Hand

Local Business Men: As many Deeds + owners as possible (Cooke, Shane & Graves, Highbinder, J.W. Byrne at least, maybe more?)

Masters of Magic: A deck using all three types of spells


Wow, those are some really good suggestions, thanks guys! Definitely have enough ideas in here to keep us busy for awhile!

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B&B Attorneys and the Brocklehurts. :slight_smile

Blake Ranch and Jarret Blake. Long Strides Ranch and Jon Longstride. :horse:

Ike Clanton and Ike’s Place plus Clanton Ranch.

Kyle Wagner and Wagner Memorial Ranch! Too Soon? :skull:


Right, I was sure I was forgetting some, didn’t realize it was so many :smiley:

Lula’s Exploit too


Ideas. I think I will get more from the “deck building” portion if the decks aren’t 100% jokes. That being said, I am interested in some…unpopular cards.

  • Second the call for Hot Lead Flyin’
  • Second the call for Lighting the Fuse
  • I’d be interested in Control Points on Dudes as a win condition.
  • Bayou Vermilion Railroad. Richard Slavin has to be in the deck (and ideally do something in it? Not a combo, just…have targets)
  • A sidekick deck on 9s and 5s. Plus or minus Shotgun to use with Hell’s Coming With Me. Any other sidekicks that might be showing up…Requiem for a Good Boy…Something. All I’d really like it to include for sure is Signing Over the Stores to recur Sidekicks.

Try to have 15 Gadget Dudes
4 Quatermen, Prime, 4 Wretched, Post-a-tron, Roe, and 4 dudes with Yagn’s.
Margaret should help with the upkeep.


Ok here is a super not janky suggestion:

Jonah’s Alliance with no spells.
(Will settle for reduced emphasis on spells).

Basically, you want the “stud” and “bounty” and “bullets = control” aspects, and nothing (little) else.


Thanks, all, for the great suggestions! @Pr0digy and I have selected ideas and are on to deck creation.


That actually works really well, and is the main way I see the home being used. The spell thing is a nice kicker (similar to the Totem thing on Office of Ancestral Affairs).

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And very successful no kung fu drunken masters decks

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