Building non-3x16 build

So I have been toying around with non 3 16 builds as of late. With such a huge shooter meta I have came back with limited results I was running straight flush builds out of Sloane and 4th ring using same build. The decks I am building aren’t cheating at all ,but the problem is in my local meta the shooter decks we have running around just aren’t cheating so the cheating punishment isn’t working. Has anyone been experimenting with non 3x16 build with success or failure.

I don’t run 3x16 builds. From what I’ve seen, the best way to play against them would be to pack a lot of bullet reduction and pistol whips to reduce the number of cards they’re drawing, so they’re more likely to get stuck with three pairs or have to cheat. That, and/or have a lot of mobility and ability to escape from shootouts. If their dudes are out of position and isolated, you can pick them off on your terms.

By 3x16 do you actually mean 3x16, or just any heavy shooting deck focused on drawing full house / 4-of-a-kind, with about 6-8 off-value cards?

Or, to put it another way, by non-3x16 builds do you mean less solid structure with some off-value cards, or only 4x12 or straight flush builds?

yes 3x16 the shooter build heavy shooter decks with tight draw structure… The builds I am using are more variety of card values straight flush because there are so many good cards that you can use depending on meta and match ups…

Yeah, forcing them to cheat through bullet reduction is a good way to deal with those kinds of draw structures. They’ve devoted their entire deck to being good at shootouts, so you’re going to need to pack some meta to deal with them. And remember, if you can reduce their bullets enough to make them whiff on a full house, their floor is embarrassingly low (three of a kind or two pair).

You can also play a deck that doesn’t care about its values at all and doesn’t let the 3x16 decks play the game they want. For example, Morgan Landslide with effects to run away from shootouts like Make the Smart Choice and stuff to kill them in other ways like Takin’ Ya With Me. Or 4th Ring control with Paralysis Marks and Rumors.

Some people have also had a lot of success with various straight flush decks, especially with Mario Crane. It’s not something I’ve played with, but I know it’s an option.

Super Mario’s Flushes should also be quite effective against them, as you can just keep pulling flushes until they get unlucky and have to cheat. Quite likely if you’re packing bullet reductions in it as well.

I’ve been having some success with a 4x12 Clowns deck, it wins lowball quite consistently, cheats less often, dominates the board with its control spells, and when forced to fight, it can still shoot pretty well, given enough stud bullets (which is not a problem now that 4R has so many cheap shud hucksters).

As for Straight Flush builds, I tried doing Sloane and Law Dogs 2x16 + SF, but I didn’t get quite the effect I was hoping for: you win lowball more often and you can still shoot well enough, but Straight Flush still comes only once in a blue moon. Well, more often than that really, but you might just as well be playing 2x16 + scattered values.

In any case, if you’re building something other than 3x16 (with 6-8 off-value cards), you better have some control elements, maneuvering, and tricks up your sleeve.


I just got whooped yesterday by an MCC straight flush in our latest OP.

He fielded 9 dudes againsst my 3 Sloanes and just straight flushed me back to desolation…

Ill ask if he can put it on dtdb.

gadget deck? Or just tons of dudes?

Tons of dudes - leading with Miss Morgan herself.


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Our latest OP was also won by a straight flush MCC deck oriented around lots of dudes (and deeds). He started a pretty average start and had pretty much put in all none upkeep dudes in the deck besides 24 clubs. 2-4-4-4-4-4-2. With enough dudes he came up with the straight flush a lot.

I’m also a huge fan of all the excellent actions in reloaded which makes me wanna get straight flush structures to work. So far I’ve had the biggest succes with desolation row 5 through 11, but I think it was more the actions then structure that worked.