Card Database for DT Classic?

Yeah, perhaps I should continue to resist – thanks for the heads up. I’ve always liked deeds the most, maybe I could focus on just collecting a subset of the complete set and target those. Is there a equivalent with all of the classic cards available for browsing? A quick Google didn’t turn one up.

Unfortunately, there is not. I’m sure there is some kind of info available from Classic enthusiasts, but nothing so convenient as DTDB.

(Mysterrrrryyyyyiiiooouuusssss and vauge)


Oooooooo, here’s hoping!

The only thing I’ve known about is the old LackeyCCG deck editor. It’s what I use as my Classic database.

The image quality is pretty poor and the text doesn’t include any of the flavor, but it’s got all the cards at least.

OCTGN has a DB you can use as well. It uses partly the old LackeyCCG images but also as many High Quality scans as exist.

I’ve used this for years. It’s strictly text, but it is pretty comprehensive.

Hey fellas,

I had this file (DT_Deckbuilder.xls) for some time, can’t remember where I downloaded it, so I put it on a google drive. Haven’t tested the google drive thingy after uploading it, and I’m not the original .xls creator, so if he/she feels offended, I can remove it. Till then, enjoy!


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@thom.goodnow - link to the latest?

I know this is a very old thread now, but I thought it may be worth sharing for anyone who stumbles along here, that I built earlier this year (with help from that excel spreadsheet from @hxe so thank you!)


Oo, lovely!