108 Worldly Desires Errata

Hello fellow Doomtown fans,

108 Worldly desires has received some limited errata:


Lively decision about the ruling here:

I don’t have a Facebook account, but I’m pleased to see them taking action on 108 Worldly Desires, although I’d have liked to see stronger errata. Perhaps something along the lines of making the ability boot the home, but allowing a card to be discarded as part of using the ability to unboot the home? [Thing this kind of thing can also be used to power up under performers - perhaps the core Law Dog home could allow a card to be discarded to draw a card or to unboot one of the dudes you just booted to make someone wanted?]

At the moment, I feel the home offers too much in terms of avoiding cheatin’ punishment, helping drive your economy, boost in shootouts, help go first (powering Legendary Holster decks in particular). As with Hot Lead Flying, I feel this home narrows the game by limiting competing deck types - lots of things are simply done better out of 108 Wordly.

Still, trying to keep an open mind - perhaps this will prove sufficient! :slight_smile:


What are the implications of this change? It cannot be used when you are tied for the lowest ghost rock, correct?

I like this change. I’ve played 108 Worldly Desires and personally I never felt like it was broken, though I am a middling player at best. I always felt like the original printing was not the intent.

Correct - the home now doesn’t work if you’re tied! Expect to see a lot more of Companhurst’s.

As noted above, I feel it’s still a bit strong - I’ve seen some of the UK players produce very strong results with it and it seems to have been a feature of the recent online tournament. Change is a step in the right direction, I’d just have gone a little further.

Having played it a fair bit, I feel like this is a good sweet spot for the card.

Before, without Copanhurst’s (which I didn’t run), you could almost guarantee lowball wins by just always going to 0.

Now you can’t, and you have to watch out for cheatin’ lowball again, which was never on my radar while playing this home.

I feel like this will either make me take Copanhurst’s, thus removing one of my starting dudes, or accept the fact that I’ll lose lowball more often (and cheat on top of that).

I think this is a bigger change than most people will initially think. Also, I think the average player doesn’t know the best methods to defeat this home, which include a mixture of economy control and choosing when to engage (when possible of course). Combine these 2 things, and 108 WD is no stronger than any other home. Some will complain about their dudes, but I’m just talking about the particular home, here.

I think if you have a home ability that can be completely ‘turned off’ and unable to be used, it should be somewhat stronger while it IS active. Realistically, no other home in the game can be completely turned off by your opponent (if they manage to keep their spending/income under control and remain at 1 or 0 GR at the end of each turn). To “turn off” a few other homes requires basically kidnapping some/most of their dudes, which is a lot harder than controlling your economy.

So yes, I feel that part of the reason people think WD is “OP” is because they don’t properly adjust their play style against it. And yes, I also feel that as it was, it was also more powerful than it should have been. I like this change, and time will tell if it’ll maybe need another bump down, maybe in the form of “only once per shootout” or something.


I think this change (1) makes sense for keeping with the “lowest” language consistency, (2) represents the “intent” of the home much better, and (3) falls in line with the other two homes in terms of mechanics and balance.

108 thumbs up!!!