1st DtR OCTGN Revolver League

Who is the most well-rounded player out there? Well, it sure ain’t me, so I’m extra excited for the upcoming revolver league on OCTGN - starting in one week on Friday March 9th!

Get some experience with those faction(s) you rarely or never play. This extended league will require players to play all 6 factions before being able to use one again. The single best way to improve as a player is to play with the decks that vex you the most!

Details are in the challengeboards link below, but we will have participation prizes, prizes for the top finishers, and a prize for the winner of the most creative deck.

If you have never joined an OCTGN league before, this more casual league is a great time to jump in and test the waters. Join us on Discord for more discussion, help, and arranging games.

Sign Up and Details

For more details, and to sign up head to:


password: dtr


We should do this in real life


Why not both? :slight_smile:

League starts tomorrow, please sign up if you haven’t already!

Happy revolver league starting day!

I have some new decks ready to go, with some things I’ve never tried before. If you are looking for inspiration, try a draw structure you’ve never played before: straight flush (SF) clubs, SF hearts, SF + one backup value, SF + 2 backup values, dead mans hand, 12x3, or even 16x3 if you’ve never done it.


Gah!! Looks like I’ve come to this site a little too late. Was hoping to get involved in this. :cry:

Not too late at all, come join the Discord channel for easier match making: Doomtown

Couple months left to play some league matches, or infinite time to just to arrange some new-person-friendly games to get initial comfort on OCTGN.

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Sure, may be the odd man out with lack of experience. But let’s give it a go. Joined the main discord channel. I’ll check out the league room and say “Hi”

Don’t worry about a lack of experience being a hindrance. I’m in the same boat, and have found everyone I’ve played on Octgn so far to be really welcoming, helpful and patient.


Awesome! Thanks a bunch guys! I’ll sign up and try to get some games in with y’all soon :slight_smile:


This league finished up on Monday - thanks again to everyone who joined!

Perhaps a combination of the format, and a lull that often comes after christmas, this wasn’t the most popular league but we did get a bunch of games in and a few people made it all the way through their 6 rounds or more.

Participants: please send me your submissions for the ‘most creative’ deck contest ASAP!