2015 Portland and Albany Sheriff Event Winner

I won both the Portland and Albany Sheriff events with the same deck, though Albany only had 2 players so that really doesn’t count (I went up against a MCC Dudes and Deeds deck and won in short order).

Portland had 11 players shooting it out over 4 rounds of Swiss and a cut to the top 2.

I went 3-1 in Swiss, beating 3 Law Dogs players (including one starting Sheriff Dave Montreal and the Gomorra Jail).

I lost in the final round of Swiss against the other undefeated player, who was running a 4th Ring control deck starting Exp. Steele Archer (with Shadow Walk, Blood Curse and Puppet as his primary hexes). This match was a tough battle that went on for 6+ days, but after an early critical error on my part it was only a matter of time.

I came in 2nd in Swiss as I had beaten both the other 3-1 players. In the championship round I had a re-match against the 4th Ring player. A first turn Kidnappin’ on Steele Archer put me in an advantageous board position, and even after he brought out Smilin’ Tom on the following turn, I was able to choke his economy until he was forced to shoot or risk discarding a dude due to upkeep the next day. In the final gunfight I pulled a straight flush and played It’s Not What You Know… on his cheating full house to win the game.

Here’s my deck list:


Desolation Row

0 Wealth
1 Income
1 Influence

x1 Allie Hensman
x1 Jake Smiley
x1 Fred Aims
x1 Angelica Espinosa
x1 Mario Crane

x3 Hired Guns
x2 Back Ways
x2 Make the Smart Choice
x4 Sun in Yer Eyes
x4 Coachwhip!
x4 Hiding in the Shadows
x4 Faster on the Draw
x2 Kidnappin’
x2 Pinned Down
x2 This’ll Hurt in the Morning
x2 Reserves
x2 Cheatin’ Varmint
x2 Tail Between Yer Legs
x4 Unprepared
x2 Flight of the Lepus
x2 This is a Holdup!
x2 It’s Not What You Know…
x2 Takin’ Ya With Me

x1 Red Joker
x1 Black Joker

The basic concept is to pair a Super Mario flush deck with Desolation Row and Fred Aims for more resiliency. This affords me better defense (influence), economy and faster control points. The Desolation Row job also lets me tempt players into a potentially game-winning early shootout, which happened against my opponent playing Dave Montreal.

Angelica Espinoza is there as a back-up shooter, and to cover Allie in the town square after she boots home from the Desolation Row job, or to assist Mario when he contests deeds. She was a star performer all day, and was great to combo with Faster on the Draw for a big unexpected swing in bullets.

Welcome to our little corner of Gomorra! Thanks for the write up! And Congrats on your win!

If you post a second time in the Sheriff winner thread, you’ll also get a second sheriff badge. These stack (if you want them :wink: )

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Thanks for the tip! Sure, double Sheriff badges sound good to me.

Just one minor question, um… what are these badges for anyway?

Did Mario ever go down in any of your games?

Yes, he was aced in my first game vs 4th Ring control (final round of Swiss).

I made a major error (played too aggressively) which resulted in Mario being puppeted by Steele Archer. I was then forced to ace him vs Angelica as my opponent pulled a cheatin’ single pair vs my flush. It was a great move on his part.

Of course, had I been playing properly and paying more attention, neither Mario being puppeted nor the resulting shootout would’ve taken place. I lost this game do to serious pilot error, and my opponent rightly capitalized on all of my mistakes. It was my first time playing competitively so there were bound to be fumbles on my end. Fortunately, I learned from my mistakes and was able to play smarter in the championship round.

Otherwise, the only other dude to be discarded the entire day was Jake Smiley, whom I brought back with Hired Guns. Mario was never discarded. In fact, I never lost a shootout all day, even in the 1 match I lost.

EDIT: I think one reason I didn’t suffer any causalities is due to Hidin’ in the Shadows. This kept my opponents from hitting Mario with debuffs which helped keep him alive and in the fight.

Originally I had Pistol Whip in this deck to boot home troublesome dudes, but I found I’d rather keep my dudes safe and have my opponent’s dudes stay in the shootout so I could discard them.

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I can’t run a shooter deck on fives without at least a couple of Hiding in the Shadows. It’s great for protecting your dudes before a key shootout or aggressive play. Quite an underrated card.

I’m the one collecting all the Sheriff Event data here: 2015 Sheriff Badge Season Results

Thank you for allowing me to fill in some of the missing information, however can I get your real name to add to my tables for completeness.

Absolutely, and thanks for compiling all this info.

Matt Lippay
Albany: 2 Players
Portland: 11 Players

Thank you!!