2015 Sheriff Badge Season Results

Continuing the discussion from 2015 Sheriff Event Victories by Outfit:

Current list of Sheriff Event victories thus far by outfit:

Outfit and Faction Records and Attendance by Region:

2015 Sheriff Badge Event Map

The following Sheriff Badge Events have no reports as of yet:

The following Sheriff Badge Events are reported to have been CANCELED:

Post below if you have any of the missing information even if it is not a complete report.

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The above information was updated to reflect the weekend of September 19th and 20th.

With only one week left in the 2015 Sheriff Badge Season check out the schedule of events below:

Games Laboratory (Melbourne, Australia) was won by POWERFUL WIZARD Scott Annable with Morgan Cattle Co (core). It was a 10 player event.

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Landslide or Gadgets or what?

The archetype was Deedslide

Updated with the last week of the reports. I will continue to update as I gather the missing data.

Searching DTDB:
Brussels - Dead Man of Nature, 1st place Sheriff Brussels · DoomtownDB
Moscow - The Most Consistent Deck (1st@Moscow 5-0) · DoomtownDB

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info the last sheriff event in padis:

players: 8
winner: Cesar Serrano
outfit: the sloane gang

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The Altoona, PA event wasn’t cancelled. I won it with Law Dogs – Wendy leading the way.