2016 Great Maze Sheriff Season

Fall and Winter are a good time to be in California for the farewell season of Doomtown Reloaded.

First, hop on your trusty Mustang and git yourself over to Bakersfield on 8/27 (hosted by Rich Carter), from there, you can react-boot your Roan to join the Santa Clara posse on 9/17 (hosted by Sky Sithbunkard), then booting your fine-dude-self over to Vista on 10/15 (hosted by Glen Smallman), quickly Stakes Just Rose over to Berkeley on 10/29 (hosted by Zachary Seldon), and now that yer a stud, Pinto into the finale shooutout in Sacramento on 12/10 (hosted by David Orange).

Those coming out to the great maze, maybe this thread can serve as a way to coordinate horse-pooling and being sent home booted?

Also, California organizers, do we want to offer additional prizes to out-of-state drifters for booting the trip? Just an idear…


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Thanks for posting this Zac!

I am definitely hoping to add some Gunslinger poker chip tokens that I think we could use all along the Maze as far as I’m concerned. Like this we did for a recent league. They’d be inexpensive too (by comparison).

On top of that, I am planning on making wood-etched Dealer markers which have all of the Hand Ranks on the back side to commemorate the final Sheriffs event. These will be specifically for people who pre-register for the Pair a Dice Games Sheriffs (down near San Diego), but won’t cost any extra.


OMG those are gorgeous!

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The Berkeley Sheriff (October 29th) is around the corner and it’s going to be loaded with prizes:

  1. Berkeley-ish Bounty Hunter token cards
  2. Custom Wooden Chips to mark game status effects
  3. Special Ivory/Wooden Homes for the final six Outfits

Token cards will go to everyone who attends, Chips will be distributed to the top 4 plus the “best dressed,” and the Outfits will be given to the top performer for each faction.

This is all in addition to the Sheriff Kit provided by AEG and Games of Berkeley.

Pictures coming soon!

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Those bounty hunters are crackin’! I wish I could be there.

Courtesy Barry Figgins with Lyris Laser Studio!

These bad boys get handed to the top 4 in the Berkeley Sheriff with an additional set going to best dressed. Keep posted for pictures of other prizes!

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And here is the other sides.
Taken on my buddy’s Judge mat for special effect.

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To further promote the final Sheriff, none other than Sky Sithbunkard herself - whom you may know as “Lucky” - will be present to sign any cards brought her way, setting the bar in typical fashion for competition not only with one of the various Morgan homes but also for best dressed.

Don’t forget yer best attire!