2017 European Championship Story Announcement

Good morning Doomies! We are proud to announce the story prize associated with the 2017 Doomtown: Reloaded European Championship!
As mentioned in the Booted Dudes podcast , the story of our Gomorra denizens, moving forward in the greater Deadlands universe, shall continue. The winner of this event will choose the city next explored with the following choices and an associated Reckoner
-Dodge City (War)
-Tombstone (Death)
-Lost Angels (Famine)
The faction most represented in the Epitaph Series will be the ones introducing us into this brave new world!


This is a grand prize! I like constrained choices like this as they give a bit of agency to players while avoiding free choices that cause problems for design/story.

Good luck to everybody and thanks to Pinebox for giving Europe this prize.

It’s a tough choice for whoever is lucky and skilled enough to win, but at least it’s tough because it is between lots of appealing and cool choices. I think I lean towards Tombstone, but that might be because of the film and reading the “Stone & a Hard Place” RPG supplement recently, I’ve still not had time to read “Good Intentions” properly…


All are interesting places with plenty going on. I’d be happy with any of them, but Tombstone would significantly increase the chances of a Bayou Vermilion-related card or two… :smiley: