2021 Doomtown Badges, Organized Play, & Deadwood!

Howdy folks! As we wrap up our final Badge award from 2020, a big congratulations to our players in the Marshall round-up now entering Top 4! You can follow the results here pardners and decklists are soon to follow!

For 2021, with the uncertainty of the pandemic, we still have several Badges to award. These will be split to two in person events and two online events with some room for adaptation. We are hopeful for the launch of our new online platform to celebrate this digital accomplishment.

Marshal: Deadwood 2021: Jonah Essex takes on the Night Train!
August 21, 2021
Those attending the PEG hosted Expedition Deadwood this year will participate in an event effecting the current Doomtown fiction and Jonah Essex’s party traveling to Deadwood. Current details can be found here as we join in on the celebration of all things Deadlands.
Pine Box will be back at Deadwood in 2022 so if you can’t attend this year, we hope to see you then in a schedule mimicking that of our 2019 Tombstone Destination Event!

Marshall: Deadwood Online 2021: The Fate of Al Swearengen
August 21, 2021
Folks at home can join in playing Doomtown Online and help influence a fiction involving Seth Bullock, Al Swearengen, Wild Bill Hickock, and other Dudes as you help determine the outcome of this story from home!

GenCon Online 2021: Marshal
September 18, 2021
Back to back Online Badges as we once again participate in GenCon Online! Story details to follow pardners!

PAX Unplugged 2021: Constable
December 11, 2021
We await plans on this potential in person Badge round-up due to COVID-19.

In the coming months we’ll announce organized play plans for our next set of kits and organizers still have the Savage Lands Series kits sent pre-pandemic to host as well.

We look forward to joining our community once again and stay safe everyone!


TOs were advised Savage Lands Series events can be hosted at their discretion.
PAX Unplugged and Deadwood will be our 2 live Badge events this year.

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Sign ups for the Doomtown Online Marshall Badge event: The Fate of Al Swearengen will be postponed until later this year.

The next Kickstarter update will discuss the Doomtown Online Beta round up leading into the GenCon Badge Event.

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We have entered the final round of the Kickstarter Greenhorn Beta event.

Sign-ups for the Doomtown GenCon Badge Marshal Event will be posted within the next couple weeks.

There will be a live Constable Badge Event during PAX Unplugged and a final Online Marshall Badge Event for the Fate of Al Swearengen Online Storyline event later this year as well.

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We are now accepting sign ups through October 22 for the Marshal Badge Round-Up

The in person Constable Badge round-up will be in Philadelphia at PAX Unplugged on December 11

The final event of the year will be the online Marshall Badge Event later this year.