2024 Organized Play Plans: Doomtown & 7th Sea

Here is an overview of some plans for 2024 for 7th Sea and Doomtown for Organized Play:

Doomtown Manitou’s Memories Round-Ups

The Doomtown Online round-up begins February 10 and registration is here:

There are some kits left for in person events up on the PBE Store:

Our calendar of events is now on the PBE Website:

7th Sea Online Salon on TTS: will begin after the first expansion is posted

7th Sea In Person Salons: The remaining Forward March Kits are up for pre-order until January 31

Our next Global Storyline Event will begin this Spring.


Genghis Con
Dice Tower West
Chaosium Con
UK Games Expo
Gen Con
Gamehole Con
PAX Unplugged

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Note we have no scheduled events for ChaosiumCon but will be on site for all things 7th Sea and showing off our upcoming Pendragon game!

Is there a Gencon schedule of events yet?

(asking for a friend…)

It was posted in the discord. Link is here as well just in case: Gen Con | Gen Con Indy 2024

That Gencon link will take you to the filtered Pine Box Entertainment events being held.