2nd OCTGN DTR LEAGUE (starts 8th February) - update, final version of the rules

The new OCGTN DTR league starts soon (8th February), if you already play DTR online or you are interested in testing you skills against new opponents from different metas don’t hesitate and join our league.

To participate you have to create an account on http://www.challengeboards.net, and then join this league: http://www.challengeboards.net/boards/standings/9319, password: 2dtr

A league will last four weeks and then we will move to knock out stage ( best of three), I haven’t decided yet on a number of players progressing to second round, because it will depend on the number of players participating in the league.

Most of the rules we used in the first league remain the same:

  1. No restriction on decks: you can play a different deck in every single game, you can also use different factions ( it is possible that for a best of three against one opponent you will have to use one deck)
  2. The time limit is 75 minutes + normal tournaments rules afterwards, so three noon plays each and then game goes to sundown.
  3. To be able to advance to the next round (knock out stage) you will have to complete at least ten games.
  4. There is a limit of games you can play against one opponent: maximum two games in the first ten games and then one game for every 5 games. So you can play up to two games against one opponent until you have played ten games, then you can play third game against the same opponent until you have played fifteen games and so on.

More detailed rules will be posted at the beginning of next week.
We also have a FB group we used for communication during first league:


Thank you again swider. These leagues are all about trying to drum up more doom town play on octgn. Please join even if you can only get one game in a week. If you’ve given up trying to find or start a game of doomtown on octgn, this is the time to get back in. And to new players, I haven’t met a veteran on octgn who wasn’t extremely helpful, so even if the league will be your first time, there is no pressure, this is just all to enjoy doomtown. If anyone wants help getting set up, please ask, we will gladly help.


I’ll have to dust off my octgn and grease it up. But this is a perfect excuse to get back into action.

Thank you for organizing this Swider.

I have to admit that along with the anticipation of getting in more Doomtown matches, I have some nervousness about joining the league with all you old hands. I am sure I will learn a lot about Doomtown and OCTGN and hopefully I can add to my empty contact list in OCTGN for future play!

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I do need to get more familiar with using OCTGN. I’m not sure how much time I’ll have for this, but I might sign up anyway.

Thanks swider for doing those!

I’ll also try to join, though i’m completely out of the loop with the meta, having decided to enjoy buying new packs without spoiling myself beforehand + living in germany and still not having access to Foul Play >.<

I played last league and some more OCTGN, as kind of a beginner/jank player without an offline scene… have to say, the old hand guys are a really nice bunch! :wink:

I would strongly suggest playing few games on OCTGN before the league. The interface is rather easy to learn but not exactly intuitive, learning it while playing a league game might be a bit frustrating experience.

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This is exciting, and I plan to join even though I 'm a complete OCTGN noob. I’ve looked at the tutorials and guides, but are there any other resources or recommendations for using OCTGN that veterans can recommend?

Play in Octgn, DTR dudes are kind and patient with begginers and its the best way to learn.

Not to my knowledge. It is possible to start OCTGN twice without logging in and play against yourself if you prefer to learn interface before playing online.

A small update, 18 players joined the league already and few others promised me that they will join too, it looks like this league is going to be really interesting. Once again I encourage everybody here to join our league.


Can everybody who didn’t join fb group post his online nick with a time difference to UTC?

Bad Medicine is live on OCTGN and is legal from day one, we have 25 players registered, including all of the top 8 players of the first one and DB0 :).

I’m UTC.

Thanks mate, if you don’t want to join our fb group, keep an eye on discussion on challengeboards, once the league starts people will be using it for arranging the games.

Will do, ta. Or might knock up a quick facebook account and join.

The rules of the league:

  1. The time limit for a match is 75 minutes, then tournaments rules apply, three noon plays per player, or
    the game ends immediately if it goes to Sundown.

  2. There are no restrictions on decks or faction, you can play different deck in every single game ( one exception, you can use one deck during elimination phase of the league against one player).

3.To be able to qualify to the elimination phase of the league,you have to complete at least 10 games. Top 8 players (who complete at least 10 games) will progress to elimination phase. The quarter and semi finals will be played in the best of one format, unless both players decide before the match that they want to play the best of three. The quarter
final matches should be completed within a week after the regular part of the league finishes, semi finals should be completed following week. The final will be played in the best of three format.

  1. No more than 20% of games can be played against one player at trigger points which are 10,15,20 and then every 5 games, so maximum 2 games after 10 games played, 3 after 15 etc.

  2. Please make sure at the beginning of the game that both players want to play a league game,don’t assume that if somebody else is in the league it automatically means that the game you are playing is a league game.

  3. The winner should make a screenshot and report a game here, most people like if the loser of the game verifies the result ASAP

7.Bad Medicine is legal from the first day of the league. After new expansion is added to the client it becomes legal for play after 3 days, or if both players agree on it immediately after being added.

Additional information:

1 Some participants of the league use different nicks on challengeboards and OCTGN, so please make sure you know who are you playing against before each game.
2. Please use challengeboards discussion, to arrange the games.

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Very quick summary of the first week:
35 games were played, most of them during the weekend, only half of the players played at least one game, current leader played already 10 games and has great success piloting blessed deck (Abram’s Crusaders).

First day of the league and already I have increased my Octgn friends list by several players. Sweet!

Hey, Gamorrah is in southern California…can we call this La Liga? :stuck_out_tongue:

Very quick summary of the first week:
35 games were played, most of them during the weekend, only half of the players played at least one game, current leader played already 10 games and has great success piloting blessed deck (Abram’s Crusaders).