3 7 8 Law Dogs - Variable Start anti-slide shooter

Here’s the Law Dogs deck I took to the UK Expo yesterday.


I’m posting the deck seperately to keep the event discussion on the actual event.

If you have any questions about card choices, please feel free to ask.

The deck premise:

It can start a variety of different dudes against a bunch of different decks.

Vs Slide: Clem, Smiley, Tommy, Lucy, Phil - That’s 7 influence on 5 bodies. Straight up this just owns a slide deck. I am still undefeated against slide with this starting line up. You just take the first 5 deeds they play prioritising high income / good ability deeds (Pony Express, Baird’s etc)

You don;t go through town square if you can turn off or steal a deeds ability. If their first drop is a deed you can use, your first action is boot Lucy straight over there and steal it. If they come over to take it back, then you walk someone across and call them out.

Vs Des Row: Wendy. ALWAYS start Wendy. I also like to start Wylie with her. Influence is less of an issue against a Des Row deck as they have a hard time getting control points. I’d maybe add in Jake just to sit at home as a buffer if 3 influence is too low for your tastes. If the job hasn’t gone off yet, your first action is always ALWAYS move Wendy to TS.

Vs 4th Ring Control: A 5 dude start is a must to avoid paralysis mark booting you out completely. Youalso most definitely want Burton for his bounty so you can mark up a huckster for a T1 BH. This means you can go all in on a kidnap OR BH their spellcaster before any bad hexes turn up.

Vs Law Dogs: I wish Prescott was a deputy so I could FotD with him. Sadly he isn’t so he didn’t make the cut otherwise the mirror match would be epic. I’d go with a Burton again for the bounty mark and card cycle as you really want to see a shotgun fast. Starting all 2 bullet dudes with Wylie is a good option if you fear kidnaps as it prevents a T1 kidnap at your home. They have to send 3 bullets worth of dudes, who immediately become wanted turning Wylie into a monster. Other than that you want all the cheap deputies you can lay your hands on to try and FotD with.


I always appreciate it when people post their actual strategies with their decks!

Which deck did you end up having the most issues with?

Des Row is the hardest matchup and you really need to know your deck inside and out to fight them over the job. The tiniest error and it’s all over.

I’d maybe go to 3 pistol whips and lose a Faster on the Draw if I rebuilt and expected heavy Row action. Send home is GODLIKE against it.

I lost the final not because of the 2 dude start per se, but because I’d increased my off value by putting the chaff shot-bait back in. Had I been on aces to begin with (like the original version of the deck I took to VA) I’d have actually had a stronger shooter on 3 values and probably would have won. It was risk I had to take that sadly didn’t pay off.


Whizz, if you would change anything about the list what would you change? If you were going to put aces back in what value would you ditch, 7’s?

@kamacausey ? Why do I know that name? AGoT?

It’s a tough call. 7’s gets you kidnap, the ludicrously efficient Blake Ranch and the Pinto (which proved to be much more useful than “meh I need 2 more 7’s” would have thought)

I’d only need to switch 9 cards of whatever value though, since I have 4 Aces already. However in most games that would put me to 14/13/11 whether it was the 7’s or 8;s going.

I suspect it could probably get a little looser on the draw structure but not by much, and without serious testing I’m not sure it would be worth it.

Overall though, 7’s would be my logical drop if I did rebuild, keeping the Kidnaps. Adding 2 Pair of Six Shooters, 3 assorted A value deeds and 4 establishin’ who’s in charge to sleeze some control. (I might add a jail to facilitate Turn 1 Click 1 Establish.

You know me from the Cthulhu cardgamedb forums. Nice to see a familiar face here too!

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Ahhh, yeh that’s the one. welcome!

I got to thinking last night about other options for the deck. If I was to keep the 8s and go Aces it could feasibly work as a DMH deck.

I think I might miss the shotguns and SIYEs too much by dropping the 3s, but the super strong rank 11 shootouts might make up for it.

Newer version: A / 7 / 8 DMH LD: