3rd Annual Androcles Brocklehurst Invitational Multiplayer Bicycle Tournament- Gencon 2016!

Good morning!

So after two years of relatively smallish events (that were a lot of fun and involved booze and good times) the third time MUST be the charm!

This year’s multiplayer bicycle tournament is in the planning stages, and announcements will be made here. Currently EVERYONE is invited (it is an invitational by the way) but since we aren’t sure where everyone will be staying and what will be convenient for most of the Doomtown regulars, the location is still a bit up in the air. Last year we held it at the Crown Plaza, but because of the smallish size of HKT (Hog Killin’ Time) last year we were able to basically do it in a lobby area.

There’s also the rooms at the Hilton, but with L5R being on a bit of a “hiatus” this year I don’t know if someone is setting that up or not. One of those rooms would be PERFECT for HKT as well as the tournament this year.

The tournament is basically an excuse to get together, play Doomtown, and drink a lot of booze. If there are more than 8-10ish people present, we will likely set it up in multiple tables with about 6-8 people per table and play to a final table.

Bicycle is simple: one of each number/suit. Basically built like an actual poker deck. Jokers are allowed (one black, and one red).

We play the cutthroat method. If, at the end of a round, someone has more control than you have influence, you are knocked out of the game.

If anyone has any questions or any other points, please feel free to let me know!

I’m in!
adding gratituous characters as apparently post have to be at least 6 characters. So consider this a ‘me too’ post :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like fun, I’ve never played bicycle but this sounds like a great time to start : )


What are the tactical considerations for bicycle?

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Since it is a standard poker deck, shootouts are much less lethal based on draw hands. Two pair or Three of a Kind are semi-reliable. No Cheatin’ of course :stuck_out_tongue: Hand Rank manipulators are more important as well as raw bullets/card draw.

Hex/Pull decks definitely live it on the edge. You can use degenerators such as Gomorra Parish or Buried Treasure to do some thinning, but overall, pulls are not reliable at all at the higher requirements.

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