The 3rd OCTGN DTR League starts 22nd of April. Last time we had 25 active players and hopefully this time the league will be even more popular.

The rules are posted on challengeboards and on FB group, for some reason this forum doesn’t let me edit first post without bad formating.

This is a link to the league: Information: 3rd OCTGN DTR LEAGUE - ChallengeBoards.Net The password is: 3dtr This is a link to our FB group: Redirecting...


I’m on a mission to take down gozik! We can’t have him winning again!

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I am actually curious if Tusk makes a difference or not. I think that Gozik’s deck might be slightly more affected by it than most shooty/control clown decks, as long as you play enough dudes of value 6 and higher.

I’m curious as well since I think it will make a difference but the problem being how much. You probably have to run it off value because it’s not going to do much for those 4 value dudes if you play it on value (only bumping this to a 9 which is still pretty much an auto-success with gozik’s deck).

Don’t think it’s something that will massively tip the balance but it will hopefully even up the 24-2 score a little from last round.


Small update. 11 players registered so far. Also some people complained about the time limit of 75 minutes being too long, so the players can decide now if they want to play shorter game e.g. 40 minutes (they must agree on it before the game).

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We have got 16 players so far, the league starts in 6 days.

We have got 16 players, the league starts in 6 days.

The league starts in 3 days and 22 players joined so far.

I’m working on something that will hopefully spur some interest, if not in the league, then with OCTGN at least (which is the point of the league anyway, right?).

Yep it is. Can I ask what are you planning to do?

OCTGN related article

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Having not played yet id not be willing to do league this time but next time could probsbly be convinced. I’ve used OCTGN a lot in the past for SW lcg.

I find OCTGN incredibly frustrating to use for some reason.

I tried to play last time, but it’s really hard to get games outside the Facebook group (I don’t have Facebook). Is there another channel to arrange games?

Most of the people doesn’t arrange the games tbh, when I have a time I just look for a game on OCTGN. I also believe that quite a lot of people uses this board and there is also option of using “discussion” option on challengeboards. Most european players are most active around 6-11 UTC.
This is also a reason why I try to convince as many people as possible to join a league, I believe that with about 40 players arranging the games would be not necessary.

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All you need is about 4,5 games, you have to learn how to execute scripts, about ten shortcuts and how to draw / redraw cards. Also you don’t have to play league games since day one of its start, you play when you want to and this is one big advantage of the league over tournament.

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Does sound fun. And educational

So, league is tomorrow, how about a little trash talking (keep it friendly). Gozik, if I ever play you, I’m going to make WTF so hard you barely beat me.

I am warning y’all. Last time I focused on a Netrunner league, I managed to go almost undefeated with an Exite/Jinteki:RP (before it was cool) combo! Prepare for the rule of the gadget jank!


Let’s see what they can do then!