4R Agro decks

We have topic for control deck discussions, but clowns can be build other way.

Soul blast and mirror, mirror grant you really powerful repeatable effects in shootouts. Jia and Magwai were always strong shooters and now we have lot of cheap studs. Kevin, bobo and Tyx help midgame as well.

My recent attemp to build shooting deck is here. I have tested it a few, but it shows nice perfomance and I think can be pretty competitive. clownapping · DoomtownDB

What to improve?
What is your expirience with 4r shooting decks?

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I tested this yesterday, and liked it very much! Two studs and six influence from the start, potentially turning it into three studs and seven influence - and they said Law Dogs were the faction of efficient cheap dudes, HA!

This deck is a natural home for The Flying Popescus - they are a draw, so they can cast Mirror Mirror to negate the opponent’s strongest shooter, and then, if they’re equipped with Holy Wheel Gun, you use their Shooutout ability to turn them into a 3-stud.

In my version I added 2x Unprepared off-value, those are always useful in the current meta.

Kidnappin’ + Flight of the Lepus is a very nice combo!

I wonder if this deck would benefit from Incubation…

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I played against it yesterday and it is a good deck, although I am pretty sure that 4th ring control decks are still both stonger and safer.

4r control is broken and should be banned:D

Interesting concept. Although at this point its probably a little too honest for 4R (which i can appreciate).

You might consider dropping brockle for Roderick at the 7 value just because if valeria eats dirt early you’ve got a lot of unusable cards in the deck.

Your going to have a hard time against anybody who is running any sort of poof your dead setup, so you might consider taking out the soul blast and putting in another mirror mirror trying to make those times you win lowball count.

I agree with @mplain that you should consider adding unprepared into the deck especially considering how honest your deck is. Having a decent amount of off value cards will also help you win lowball more often.

What does that mean? o_O

You might consider dropping brockle for Roderick at the 7 value just because if valeria eats dirt early you’ve got a lot of unusable cards in the deck.

I think I can deal with 3 dead cards somehow. Outfit ability helps.

And sorry, I do not get your sentence about soul blast, mirror and lowball.

He says that mirror , mirror is better when you win lowball, which is a strange statement. I think it might be better in your deck because of low values you are using, but why after winning lowball, I don’t know.

Maybe because you can use it before your huckster gets unprepared :smile:

I like it. I understand the setup of spells for Freddy. 6 influence should is quite good against rush control. This deck is definitely good at debuffing your opponents largest investments. All your non-starting dudes have influence (except Tyx) and that builds influence and contesting opponents deeds.
I would only suggest that Concealed Weapon could be extremely good with Mirror Mirror and the Winchester.

Sorry for the confusion. Your deck has a lot of low value/grit/bullet dudes in your starting posse which is likely to get you into positions where you want to fight but can’t because your opponent is running some sort of kill card (shotgun, soulblast, point blank, taking ya with me. etc).

So if you win lowball having mirror mirror can help you against some of those types of cards since you currently have no other way to answer them. But if its hard for you to win lowball then you end up with a lot of turns of pass pass pass.

Not that many decks have much of an answer for shadow walk into kill card anyway.

Soul blast can deal with shotgun man as well, or at least save your huckster by failing pull=) But yes, it can be easily swap with another Mirror, Mirror.

Here is another aggro Clowns deck, a more classical 3+5+7 Shotgun approach.