4th OCTGN DtR League


pw to join: 4dtr

The next OCTGN league starts in 2 weeks - come join us for the only real “world” championship league of Doomtown!

This one also has prizes for everyone who participates - see the information tab for details.


I have yet to play an actual game on OCTGN, so if anyone wants to play, let me know.

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What’s your availability and timezone?

I’m available most weeknights. In the CDT zone.

There’s almost always at least one of us online most weeknights. Check both the Play tab and the Spectate tab, and come on into whatever game is there. Once you play one or two games it’ll be easy as pie!

I’ll give it a try. Maybe I’ve just had really bad timing, every time I have been on there hasn’t been anyone playing dtr. Thanks for the info, and look forward to the league!

I might join, but I know I’m going to be busy again over the period it’s running and past experience has shown I won’t find the time to get enough games in.

This is a plea to all who have stepped away from downtown since it’s cancellation. If you loved this game, please join us for at least a match or two. I know OCTGN isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but for some of us, it is the only way to play, either because of a lack of a play group, or time constraints.

The league isn’t meant to scare anyone. It can be a bit more competitive for some of us, but the stakes are very low. The true reason for the league is to play doomtown. That’s it. If you never see anyone online to play, THIS is the time to play.

If you haven’t played on OCTGN. We promise, we are friendly, forgiving, and want to help. I got flustered the first couple games, but I got the hang of it.


And if you didn’t play on octgn yet, there is a tutorial you can easily find on youtube, also you can practice controls by starting the client twice and you can join your own game ( locally, you cannot log in).

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deleted post containing incorrect tournament rules interpretation.

I have to say this is absolutely true.

I want to join in again, too!
Fell out of online gaming since i wanted to build decks with packs that my one offline-buddy (and germany…) also had access to.
But never stopped loving Doomtown, will try to get some games in for the league! :smile:

Thanks for doing this, guys :sunny:

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I would love to join in and learn how to play on OCTGN (and learn Doomtown in general), but I’m relocating during the same time as the league and will be far too busy. Hopefully another league will happen in the future, so I can get some games in and learn the interface. Thanks for organizing this.

I’m learning the OCTGN interface too and got a few games in this weekend. Everyone I played were extremely helpful and very patient, we really do have a great community on here.

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Actually, I am not sure that is how it works for determining winner. In the main rule book, it says at sundown if both players have more control than the other player has influence, then the most control wins. If that is tied, play another day.

The tournament rules where you add your control + influence together only apply when time is called, I believe. So that only applies if the 2 players in the OCTGN league agree to a time limit.

JJ talks aboout situation when both players meet game winning condition, have higher cp than opponent’s influence. In the rulebook ( standard game) higher cp wins, on tournament the plauer who is closer to winnin conditions wins. Example: one player has 4 cp and 1 inf, second has 3 cp, 3 inf. In standard player 1 would win, tournament rules say player 2 wins. So far we used tournament rules ( effectively higher cp + inf wins)

There is no mention of that in the tournament rules, though. The only time they mention tie breakers as CP + Influence is when time is called. During the normal course of the game (before time is called), normal winning condition rules should apply, right?

If there was a different winning condition before time is called, it would be in the tournament rules but I don’t see that in there.

Well decision has to be made, we always played using cp+ inf in this type of situation. It is fine either way with me as long as it is clear before the league starts which one applies.

I’d like to play however normal tournaments play, so I’ll ask around and see if any official TOs with this sort of experience know.

It looks like I was wrong, before time is called higher cp wins ( if both players have higher cp than opponent’s inf).

I think in that last tournament in Russia they also used Control only
to determine the winner when time is called?
So players couldn’t just stack High-influence dudes at home but needed to use them to take over stuff and interact, when time was close.