5-0 Undefeated Swiss (3rd Place) GADGETORIUM


Somebody challenged me to place highly at a Sheriff with Louis Pasteur and QUATERMAN as answers to Clowntrol.

I obliged by going undefeated until the cut at the wwrld’s largest Sheriff, losing in the semi finals to the eventual winner who was running a really nice Law Dog deck that I just didn’t have an answer for. (Steve’s deck is AMAZING! - some really inspired card choices)

In testing this deck has not dropped a single game against 4R contorl. NOT… A… SINGLE…ONE.

It has everything it needs to ruin the clowns day:

Qbert - That little robot is the star of the show here. He is immune to paralyse AND phantasm, the 2 key control hexes. Give him a fancy new hat and he’s also influence you cannot remove.

Force Field - the single greatest answer to Hex Sling / It’s Not What You Know. Every single shootout is a tie. The deck packs 17 dudes so your opponent will AWLAYS run out of guys before you do.

Point Blank - I love popping a 1 stud point blank against 4R. Valeria has ZERO bullets and 99% of the time is the only valid target for a single bullet PB.

Takin Ya With Me as a back up to Force Field - FF got Unprepared? take your lumps and then punish them anyway!

I actually ended up not needing Louis, I had him available in a couple of games, but ended up playing other things. I maintain he’s a valid counter to control, but when you have the robots running around, you just don;t need him.


Dan just showing how it’s done :slight_smile:


Sorry I had to crush your dreams Dan - hope the draft trade made your day though :smiley:

There were some really nice decks there today and every game was hard fought.

My favourite opposing deck was an Avie Exp build that terrified me when I saw what it was doing, It took some SERIOUS brain power and effort to play around it.

Next time gadget… next time! The draft trade made my day sir, as always you are a genleman.

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My pleasure. I played against the same XP Avie deck - she got down three Paralysis Marks against me but I was able to out maneuver it thank to my abominations and The Stakes Just Rose. He didn’t see the Whateley Estate which I think was key to me winning that one.

Now that was a great meta call to bad your deck blew up on you after the cut. Great Job.

Steve’s deck is so left field it just wasn’t even on my radar when I built mine. I’m much more stacked as a shooter so could have gone toe-to-toe with him had I managed to get a robot out. Alas, it was not to be. I’ve got a couple of changes I’d like to make, but I’m really happy with the deck.

Also, meta call completely validated by the comments on DTDB - It should be an unwritten rules that you know your deck is top tier as soon as Statler and Waldorf tell you it sucks.

“This deck can’t win games”… er, OK then. :smile:

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Cheap shot at a banned user?


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Also, congratulations.

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Correct me if I’m totally misunderstanding the interaction, but you can’t use Point Blank with QUARTERMAN since PB boots as a requirement right? I see other studs in the list but I assume QUARTERMAN is your main fighter so maybe I’m missing who you usually use it with.

I use them with Grajo / Byrne / Jen and the MS guys - both Flamethrower and Neutraliser make Specks and Kyle scary good with PB. (I’m also fond of a FT on Travis)#

Jen with any gadget (usually a FF) is a solid 2 stud.

Grajo and Byrne I normally leave at 1 to hit their smaller guys

That makes sense! I also really like the idea of keeping around smaller studs to hit specific targets too, that’s clever. I should’ve probably assumed you weren’t misusing the card at a Sheriff Event!

I’ve been trying a few weird gadget lists (latest was Crane + Forcefield and Takin’ Ya With Me) but never found one that was very consistent. Might have to steal some of your ideas!

Crane and Force Field is just good by itself, you don’t really need the Takin’. I’d probably even consider adding a Mario to this if I rebuild it

Mario and Louis-gi · DoomtownDB @Whizzwang your to modest their is also a youtube link with the decklist. When I need someone to talk to I pull up that deckbuilding and it’s like he is in my own house. :smile:

Goddamn it.

One more question if you don’t mind, I noticed both your deck and the winner of the Worcester event are only running 11 deeds total. Is that a function of the deck in particular or have you found 11 deeds to be a good baseline? I’m pretty new to deck construction but get antsy if my deck has less than 13 deeds.

One difference is I don’t always use Travis as my starting grifter though, I’m sure he’s far more helpful in guaranteeing you an early deed.

I can’t speak for Geoff, however for me 11 is fine if you have ways to sustain yourself. The outfit makes most of my gadgets free so I can function on very little cash. most of my main deck dudes cost 3 or less too, so win lowball + outfit income = play a dude. There are no deeds in there that I MUST see. I’d like to see an exploit, but I can live with out it.

By starting 5 dudes, you are playing with a 49 card deck w/ jokers. To make the maths easy we’ll call it 50. by running 10 deeds, statistically one in every five cards should be a deed. By running an extra deed to hedge your bets, In theory any 5 card hand should have a deed.

I actually rarely used Travis and I think Gina would be a better fit.

Agree with Dan. I had a 4 man start so had the 50 card deck so usually saw a Deed in hand, or could Travis for a second shot.

My deck had the benefit of running Soul Cage for free Dudes in Low Ball and Pettigrew’s Pawnshop that generates a fair amount due to lots of opponents playing Fancy Hats and Rapiers. Plus, being a two value deck I won Lowball nearly every round (probably 80% although I wasn’t counting.)

I think 11 is about right for most decks but it’s more important to get the right mix of 1 and 2 Control Point Deeds rather than the number of Deeds.

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