5th DtR OCTGN League

The next OCTGN League board is online, ready for sign ups!

pw: 5dtr

League starts in a couple of weeks, and has prize support of OP kit #6 - excited to see you guys there!


Had only 1 match yet but great to be playing again. Thanks for organizing this. Seems like there’s already lots of activity on the challengeboards :slight_smile:

(posting here so people who only see this thread don’t think there’s no interest going on, if in doubt join and play :smiley: )

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And I’m back to playing untested, semi-awful decks like I used to do in all the other leagues (except for the most recent one). Come beat me!

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If I find time I could try out a couple of 108 decks I’ve built but haven’t tested/played yet - 108 Monstrous Bandits and 108 Righteous Knife Tricks :slight_smile:


Nice, not many players from Europe play DTR online anymore, also you might want to use discord channel to arrange games as finding a game randomly is not easy.

Any of ya’ll streaming your matches? I unfortunately don’t have the time to participate, but I can definitely watch while working.

I am not going to stream any games this time, if somebody else is, I’l ask them to share links here or on FB group.

I’m also using the opportunity to try out newly built deck(s?) , first time non-blessed for a little change (or is this a threat?) :open_mouth:

I can try to stream, but i don’t know if i will be an educational commentator (maybe for stuff in hindsight like “oh! i should have seen this coming because he obviously had a handful of brutal punishment which i should have known because […] but ignored”) Will write here if i get this setup :slight_smile:

Discord is great - do we need to post the invitation link here again? I’m a discord noob, but i think you can’t just join channels without that, right?

Permanent link to discord channel, it is rather quiet, we use it mainly for arranging games on OCTGN, sometimes people do share their decks, but it is rather rare: Doomtown.
Also I recommend using OBS for streaming ( https://obsproject.com/ ), setting it up + twitch account shouldn’t take more than half an hour.

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The open portion of the league is over - thanks to the 10 die-hards out there, all of which played at least 3 games (some many more)!

If we drop the minimum required games down to 6 for the semi-finals, that leaves:

  1. Swider
  2. Khudzlin
  3. Jayjester
  4. Shekky_Ducky

We’ll see if there is interest for doing the semi finals/finals. I’ll post here when I hear back from those folks.

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Ok, prize time (apologies this is coming so late!)

If the following folks could please get back to me with the order of what prizes you want from first to last I will just go down the line of whoever responds. As I posted in the original challengeboards info page, I just ask you pay for shipping.

Order of picking, from those who finished at least 5 games:

  1. @swider
  2. @jayjester
  3. Shekky
  4. @Khudzlin
  5. @erdosain81
  6. Prodigy

Yui Xin playmat
Bag o’ ghost rock
4th ring leather pouch
4x Charlies Place
16x Kidnappin


Hm, I think my earlier post about the winner of the league got lost somehow. I will repost here. Congratulations to Swider, winner of the 5th OCTGN League!

JayJester vs Swider, match can be found here:

Huge thanks to I’m Board! Games & Family Fun for sponsoring the OP kit for this league!

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Just so people who wondered about how short that game was, it really came down to the cards that game. I don’t mean to sound bitter. Swider had very good cards to counter me, most my influence and movement resistance is in deck (yagns and Pedros) I got economy screwed and couldn’t aford anything.