6th OCTGN League

The next league fast approaches! Starting May 19th, and going for 4 weekends over 3 weeks (one week shorter than usual). We have also added a default time limit of 55 minutes, but like most things the 2 players can agree on whatever terms they want. Check out the details and join up at:


pw: 6dtr

This is a great way to try out some new ideas (or refine some old ones) in a competitive environment. Or just treat it as a good way to not care at all and just have some fun playing Doomtown! (I promise that’s what I did last league) After all, where else can you play all the folks in this community from around the world?


Of particular note is that we have a new rulebook and errata, and as always the league uses the latest tournament-official rules.

FAQ & Errata:



Aah nice!
Hope i can get back in the game a bit, my (2) offline buddies leave me hangin’ ^^"


We have 9 players registered already, the league starts in a week.


12 players registered so far, the league starts in 2 days.

We will have prizes for this league, after all! Swider has generously donated his winning playmat from last league to the winner of this one. So among some promos (likely some kidnappins, at the very least) we will have this sweet mat to put up for first place:

(credit to Roku Mart for the pic)


Happy League starting day!


Hey, I’m feeling a little lost. How do we arrange pairings? Are they assigned? I remember reading something but I can’t seem to find it.

You play against who you can find online ( with certain restrictions), all of the details are described on the league page, there is a direct link to it in Prodigy’s first post.

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@swider Thank you, I must’ve looked at that link a few times without reading it properly. On with the games.

So far I’ve played 4 games, have a deck that works quite well, one that tries a similar thing but doesn’t work as well, and one that is perplexingly inconsistent (tight structure, lots of bullets, rubbish draw hands. What’s going on?).

Still time to join if you want to get involved.


About half way through, and still time to join for some games! We have had a good amount of people on the past few days especially, so it’s been very fun.

For a long time Shekky Ducky was in first, having a lot of success with his Desolation Row straight flush clubs deck, and just recently was surpassed by Khudzlin with his infamous, often-seemingly-unbeatable 108 WD Rabbit Fu deck.

I’ve played both against and with quite the variety of decks so far, and hoping I will find some more matches with some of the folks overseas the next couple weekends.

As a personal side note I am having a lot of luck with a law dogs blessed deck (even though I’ve only played it a couple of times in the league so far), that is a ton of fun and seems very solid. I had been playing one with Putting The Pieces Together (both a heart-flush version and a 3-value version), but got rid of that card entirely and it’s been doing much better since. I think blessed have potential to be competitive, ‘top tier’ with the right setup.


The main portion of the league has ended as of midnight of last night - thanks to everyone who participated! We were fortunate to get a few new folks this league, and hope to see them in the next one.

Congratulations to the top 4 (except for me, who clearly was entirely propelled by luck…), who will go onto the semi finals:

  1. @Khudzlin
  2. Prodigy
  3. Shekky ducky
  4. @swider

Khudzlin will play swider, and I will play shekky. 2/3 games is preferred but if schedules simply don’t allow, just do one game. Same deck must be used for all 3 games (unless both agree otherwise). Good luck to us all!


Wish I could have got more games in. At least some of the times I was unavailable was because I was playing some IRL Doomtown :slight_smile:


Semi-finals are all done! No spoilers on the results, links are below to watch all 5 total games:

Here you can watch Swider vs Khudzlin, 2 games (first one is particularly good):

First game ends around 45 minutes, then the next starts right away.

Shekky and I went 3 games, very dramatic, close in all 3 games where the last game went to time!

Game 1: https://youtu.be/FCxmq_tAhqs

Game 2: https://youtu.be/WFRzxX7Tpo8

Game 3: https://youtu.be/-8iG_ZHfaLI


Looking forward to watching this!

Thanks @Pr0digy for posting a link to my games, I didn’t know that the forums changed address.

Finals will be today at around 3pm Central, if anyone wants to watch.


2 games complete - is there a winner? Watch the games to find out!
(spoilers will come later, none for now)

108 Worldly Desires Rabbit Fu vs Law Dogs Blessed

Game 1: https://youtu.be/b5iWCLOYLRw

Game 2: https://youtu.be/xyAOxdfc_98


Very enjoyable :slight_smile:

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