7SFS: Story decisions before full release, and other story-->card questions

With story impacting events leading up to and during the full release of 7SFS, is there any expectation that the City Deck or other cards will already be obsolete at release? I assume not, but I’m wondering how this will be handled.

For ongoing future releases (aka expansions), will new and replacement cards encompass a full explicit representation of story progressions up to that point, or will it be more subtle?

Is the goal for expansions to keep or fix the overall balance of playability across factions, or will certain expansions intentionally present one or more factions being strong in the meta (presumably according to the story)?

  1. No, you assume correctly

  2. You’ll see story representation in both manners. Subtle in say flavor text, explicit with some of the cards that will be created

  3. The goal is to keep balance, not create scenarios in which a faction has a mechanical advantage