7th Sea Collected Rulings/FAQ Pre-Kickstarter Release & Rewordings

This thread will be used to track all questions post Gen Con 2022 pre-release.

Ongoing clarification for card updates:
-Other characters cannot engage to get the discount on Kaspar’s ability (Kaspar still can)
-Hidden Corridor the damage is taken for the round and you move after
-Angelina’s trait should be treated as a repeatable reaction when using the rulebook Move action
-Daniella’s technique is once per day, this is not reminder text (techniques are normally used once per duel)
-Parley Gone Wrong refers to Renown added or moved via Schemes or card effects during the day: you cannot choose to add or move via other means)
-Resolve is the Stat in the Red Halo on Characters and is always counted as their full Resolve regardless of how many Wounds they’ve taken
-Only discard a card for Madre if you are targeting an additional character
-Boar’s Guile: the owner of this card gets the reaction
-Breastplate trait only applies when equipped to a character
-You cannot engage a character with dash influence to initiate the Contempt and Hatred action
-Vladimir must be target, if able
-Sigurd should be combat/finesse 0, not dash
-Sanjay’s action requires opposition in the City and can thus be treated as a City Action
-Roll the Bones: sink all unused cards
-Status Matters: action not city action (edited)

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Thank you all so much for your enthusiastic interest in 7th Sea City of Five Sails!
Gen Con was a tremendous success and with your collected feedback, the following changes are being implemented:
-Kaspar is Crew 6
-Otto is Influence 2
-Kaspar must engage to do his City Action and gets the ‘Parley’ (placeholder term) discount
-Mercenaries may not engage to reduce the cost of recruiting Mercenaries
-The act of engaging to reduce the cost of mercs will be tentatively defined as ‘Parley’ (placeholder term)
Feel free to play with these updates while on TTS or with the starter decks!


Porte Travel v. Predatory Pursuit
The duel will end and the predator then pursues.

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Servo clarity regarding Veronica’s Guile:
“servo may issue challenges at adjacent locations where you control a red hand character as if he is opposed”

Rough Em Up: You can destroy the Thug in the fight to give Lethal. Before the end of the round is after Threat has been resolved.