A bicycle built for 52

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This is a really cool format. Does it generally result in longer games? Since diamonds, hearts, and spades are hopefully staying in play, do you eventually have higher chances of flushes with clubs as the game goes on?

Games last longer as the effects aren’t stronger, less casualties etc,and the development of the deck depends largely on your luck drawing. When the game ends it usually is abruptly.

In my opinion we still need a bigger card pool to play bicycle in a satisfying way.

Great article by the way.

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That’s a link to the deck I won the tourney with. I ran hexes so I could speed my hand fill as much as possible, any made pulls were bonus.

When I straight flushed vs Dan, let’s just say it was Karma biting his ass!

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The games don’t necessarily run longer. Remember that everyone is playing minimum 13 deeds, which means control points are likely to be plentiful, and only being able to play one of each spade limits your dude flexibility so you’re more likely to have to sacrifice influence to be effective in other areas.

It’s a fun format. One additional rule our league implemented a couple seasons ago (which featured bicycle as the alternate format of the season) was that bicycle decks don’t include jokers. The impact of a lucky joker in a shootout is much more significant than in most constructed decks, so we wanted to tamp that down a bit.


I’ve been thinking of how to do that for the multiplayer bicycle for Gencon, I think we’ll have Jokers for that event only because it’s primarily for fun and not meant to be any serious competition. But yeah if it were more serious probably not haha.