A Big Thank You From A Greenhorn

I want to give a big shout out to Emre Guzelsu, David Lapp, and Alex Wirges and the Gen Con Doomtown Reloaded booth. They all welcomed me into the DTR family. Can’t say I have met a friendlier group of people.

Thank you very much for introducing me to this awesome game! Plan on sharing this with my kids and gaming group.

I had a fabulous time and thank you for the wonderful DTR swag!!!

Chris Hatchitt from Iowa


Chris, your kind words mean the world to us. Hope to follow up more post GenCon :cowboy_hat_face:


Hi Chris!

It was my absolute pleasure to meet you and get to show you the ropes! Welcome to the Doomtown family and we hope to see you around these parts, partner :wink:



I want to add David Orange in on the big Thank you too!!! Sorry, I didn’t recognize you without the Cowboy Hat on!!! LOL

Thanks again everyone. I’m looking to find players in the Des Moines, Iowa area now.

David - you mentioned further cons and events. Where do I find more about these?

Thanks again guys!!!


If Madison WI isn’t too far away, you should join the Doomtown Wisconsin Facebook group and keep an eye out for events/gatherings.


Madison is just over 5 hours away. Road trip!!!

I don’t do Facebook so I’ll have to keep up on events some other way.



This: http://pineboxentertainment.com/opseries/ is the place to look for events.

Currently we’ve got the “Tombstone” series, then an abomination centred series of organised play events. Pinebox are about pushing community events, so things don’t even have to be tournaments - they can be learn to play, casual games etc. Feel free to apply for the next series or use the link to find something.

I sympathise on the Facebook point.


So it looks like there is a FLGS in NE that is only 2 hours away from me - The Game Shoppe. It’s a nice drive and a straight shot on I-80 West. I’m seeing a ROAD TRIP for future events!!!


thank you for the kind words - Nothing warms a teacher’s heart like enthusiasm.
Some other places to look for events/shops/players:

(also new posts should filter to the top of the feed)

and we have a very active and welcoming online community that uses OCTGN to script/automate many of Doomtown’s routine functions:



I would be lying if I didn’t say that there were tears in my eyes right now. Welcome to the family, Chris. There’s an amazing play group in Iowa. Great guys - all super friendly. Paging @Pintyhet @dalarpguy

They can be found on facebook here:

It fills me with joy to see we were able to provide you with such a great experience.

Just saw the facebook bit. My bad.


Yeah, we don’t play too often anymore, but we do play, and we’re always looking for new folks. We’re at Mayhem in Des Moines (if that is near to you…)


I’ve been summoned! Join our Facebook group, for real! We actually just added another player in the last month, too! We’re definitely always looking for more people to play and brew with.


Way to forget me, @Alex! :wink: Haha but for real, we (speaking for the Mayhem crew) would love to meet you and get some games in.


I couldn’t remember your handle!

I figured. Its extremely unrelated. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for the info! I’ll look at the OCTGN and try and play some online as well. You did a great job of demoing the game. Thank you.

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I’ll try to check out the FB group. I may have to join back just for gaming reasons. I got tired of the drama and FB data mining. Are any of these groups on Twitter?

Thanks again!


I live in Adel, which is about 24 miles west of Des Moines. I stop by Mayhem a few times every so often. I work in Downtown DM. I would love to try and get a game of DTR in some time while its fresh, its just that I have kids and my time to play isn’t regular. LOL

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Do you guys do Twitter too? I may have to rejoin FB just for gaming. LOL

Hey partner! Unfortunately we aren’t on Twitter. But we totally get the kids thing! @Pintyhet has 2 kids himself. We usually try to meet up on Tuesday or Thursday at Mayhem. We kind of drift to other games as well, but any one of us would be happy to get a game or three in with you!

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