A Grand Entrance Preview - Gomorra Gazette

Originally published at: http://gomorragazette.com/2016/06/14/a-grand-entrance-preview-gomorra-gazette/

You may remember back when the Gazette was young, Gomorra was nowhere near as weird as it is

now. In those days, the Circus dominated the meta along with a Sloane deck that started 5 dudes and

filled out the rest of its list with actions. We do, and at one time, we also ran a contest for a set of

buttons. We asked our readers and listeners to design a card. It had to be a deed themed around the

Gazette. We revealed our Winner shortly after GenCon 2014 – Lester O. with this deed as an 8.


Fast forward about two years. A blight has stricken Gomorra, the Circus is up to some evil new tricks,

and two new factions have helped diversify the meta. Some of our favorite characters have died,

whether they were set ablaze or eaten by mutant cattle. The landscape is very different and as we

prepare for A Grand Entrance, there's a very ominous shadow being cast on Gomorra. And as the

town's only newspaper, whom else did you expect to bring you the latest from ground zero?

It's almost identical to our contest winner! Lower income, and GR gain based on influence instead of

bounty – a few tweaks to balance it out. I won';t even begin to try to decipher the flavor text. Seems like

everything finally hits the fan during A Grand Entrance. This card did get our brains swirling a bit

though. So we've thrown together a deck list for you. In vein of the contest winners flavor text

“If it bleeds, it leads...”, we've selected the Law Dogs, due to their tendency to get shot (RIP)

Dave) .

Gazette Preview Deck by DoomDog

Law Dogs (Base Set)

Dude (17)
2x Constance Daughtry (Ghost Town)
1x Jacqueline Isham* (No Turning Back)
1x Jake Smiley* (Election Day Slaughter)
1x Judge Harry Somerset (Exp.1) (No Turning Back)
1x Lucinda “Lucy” Clover* (Base Set)
1x Philip Swinford* (Base Set)
1x Prescott Utter (Base Set)
1x Rafi Hamid (New Town, New Rules)
2x Ramiro Mendoza (Base Set)
1x Rico Rodegain* (Dirty Deeds)
2x Steven Wiles (Base Set)
1x Tommy Harden (Base Set)
1x Vasilis the Boar (Bad Medicine)
1x Xiong “Wendy” Cheng (Base Set)

Deed (11)
2x B & B Attorneys (Base Set)
1x Circle M Ranch (Base Set)
2x The Gomorra Gazette(A Grand Entrance)
1x Hustings (Double Dealin’)
2x Notary Public (Ghost Town)
1x Pat’s Perch (Base Set)
1x The Orphanage (Bad Medicine)
1x Town Council (New Town, New Rules)

Goods (11)
3x Dog’s Duster (Nightmare at Noon)
1x Legal Instruments (Frontier Justice)
3x Quickdraw Handgun (Base Set)
1x Shotgun (Base Set)
2x Tusk (Ghost Town)
1x Whiskey Flask (Base Set)

Action (13)
3x Bounty Hunter (Base Set)
4x Coachwhip! (Base Set)
1x Faster on the Draw (Faith and Fear)
1x Framed (Ghost Town)
1x Point Blank (Base Set)
3x Sun in Yer Eyes (Base Set)


Seems really darn good for law dawgs (and the occasional wonky fringe deck)!

As in the above deck, seamless synergy with basic outfit, Constance, and B&B.

I will absolutly agree,that it is extreemly good with law dogs. But I dare say this card is actually very good for any deck that runs 8’s, and ever defends there deeds.


True true. If you aren’t running gadgets (so don’t want Lula’s) and/or don’t want 2x circle m, this is a good option for any 8 value deck.