A Greenhorn Question on Deck and Card Storage

So I bought into DTR. Got a Premium Box, the base game, and all of the Saddlebags and Expansions Set up to and including There Comes a Reckoning (got in on the KS…).

So I’m unboxing the cards and notice that I multiple packs (3 to be specific) of Law Dogs and The Sloane Gang sets. Do I just need one starter deck set aside and then I can put the rest of the decks in the DTR Trunk that I am storing all of my unsleeved cards in?

Any advice would be helpful. Again, I’m a Greenhorn still. lol



Welcome to the community!

If you want to go through the “learn to play” instructions included with the base set, you’ll want to set aside the Law Dogs and Sloane Gang decks that came with the base set. You only need one of each deck. If you want to replay that “learn to play” scenario, you can find the contents and order of each deck here.

Go ahead and break up the other “starter” decks. If you got both the Premium box and a regular base set you should have a full playset of everything even if you don’t ever take apart one of each starter deck. The Premium set is basically two regular Base Sets put together, so you have the equivalent of 3 regular base sets.



Thank you. That was very helpful. I’ll do that! I’ve got me a whole hunk of cards in my Trunk box now!!! LOL