Abominations + Whatley

I’ve got a theory about a deck. Abominations, with Nicodemus, on the Oddities of Nature and the Bunk House.

I think this needs the Clown Carriage and the 4 Pagliaccios. Maybe some Mad Science, and the 4 Quatermans also, with the Recursive Motion Machine on them, and the Mechanical Horses?

Damn, I had an idea, and I’ve lost it.

I want to build a fun deck for the first organized play game tomorrow, but I’m not quite there yet.

Not Quite Right Yet. Clowning around.

Oddities of Nature (Faith and Fear)

60 cards with printed value (required 52)
Cards up to Frontier Justice

Deck built on DoomtownDB.


my prob with Nic decks is economy and just being able to defend oneself in a shootout. At least Pag allows that assistance for defense but this is going to be low on cash for sure. I’d be interested to see it in action!!! Really want to make a deck where Nic works.

Whateley Estate, though it doesn’t provide income, does provide good defense since opponents boot to go in there. MIght want to splash one.