Abram Grothe+Ol' Howard interaction

Hello Rules Team, a little question that popped when building a new deck.

Let’s assume i start Ol’ Howard searching a Holy Ground Deed. I use Abram Grothe first version’s job on that deed and succeed. Would Ol’ Howard be discarded by the job’s effect?

The card’s text for reference:

Ol’ Howard
Abomination • Grifter
A deed with this card attached has 0 production and 0 control points, which cannot be modified.
React: At the start of the game, search your deck for a deed and play it, paying all costs. Ol’ Howard attaches to that deed, and permanently becomes a Condition and not a dude.

Abram Grothe
Noon Job, Boot: Mark a Holy Ground deed. If successful, discard all Abominations and wanted dudes at that deed.


Howard would be discarded by the job’s effect, that is correct. Abram’s ability specifies all Abominations, and that pertains to all cards with the Abomination keyword at that deed.


Sweet, thank you!

Since this one is answered, it shall be locked!