Additional GenCon Greenhorn Events!

For those that want to join us for Doomtown at GenCon but may not have time for all of the Dead Man’s Hand event or North American Championship, we’ve added two Greenhorn events partners!


I just signed up for the Saturday Greenhorn event! Very new to the game and am looking forward to learning how to play!!!


Welcome - we have learning decks available as well as our crack demo team ready and able to assist you and all others driftin’ into town.


Hello David,

Wonderful! I got introduced to Savage Worlds RPG recently by a friend. I love the Weird West theme of Deadlands Reloaded and purchased many of the PDFs. That is when I came into Doomtown Reloaded. I purchased the box set, the premium set, and all of the expansions up to and including the KS Trunk. Lol

One question that I have is what is the best way to organize and store the cards? I don’t know enough about the game yet to do that. That is where I hope I can get some help with it from you guys.

Thank you,


Congratulations on your epic purchase!

Personally, I have organised my cards by expansion in a binder, as I like leafing through them and seeing how the game has grown.

However, my cousin organises his cards by Card type (dudes, deeds, actions, goods and then each spell type separately), then within that by faction (for dudes) then value. From experience building decks together, this makes putting decks together much faster. He uses boxes for this - not as easy to see things as a binder, but a bit faster to look through.

Both options can work well, a bit of an aesthetics v efficiency tradeoff between the two options we’ve gone for. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! It was an EPIC purchase. LOL

I’m more of an organized-for-play kind of guy. I’m looking at bringing my cards to Gen Con to work on them after I play on Saturday.

Thank you for your advice. I’m excited to learn how to play this game.