AEG's policy on fan cards?

Back in the good old days days when L5R was all the rage and DT wasn’t reloaded we were told not to post card ideas as it was a way to not seeing them printed as the original poster could claim it’s rights for the card.

In fact, L5R’s page has a section for submitting card ideas where the first thing you do is to renounce to your rights, copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights.

After seeing how many people posted his card ideas here and in the FB group I wondered if this applies the same to DT:R, and if so, it would be great to have a way to send the design team card ideas, wouldn’t it?

There is an active fan-based content creation community at:

The pinned post at the top summarizes what is and is not ok for fan-based content.

As far as submitting ideas for cards goes - I hate to rain on the parade, but the lead designer has literally HUNDREDS of ideas for card, mechanics, interactions, etc.

If you REALLY want to influence card design, the best way is to be on a playtest team.
How do you become Playtest? Be active, be competitive, know/meet other team members.

But as far as a private citizen goes, no. A random set of ideas, no matter how cool or interesting is unlikely to play nice with the dozens of cards currently under playtest or or slotted for future saddlebags.


yeah, you’re better off just suggesting broad concepts for card ideas rather than busting out specific stats/abilities/ideas.

Does anyone post card ideas with the intention of getting them into the official game? I know I do it just for fun, and not only with this game.

Why everybody is assuming that I want to keep my ideas to myself unless I can make a profit from them?

I don’t believe I’m good enough to become part of the design team by any means, playtesting could be a thing, but I’ve talked with some L5R playtesters and they found the experience quite frustrating.

It was just a question that came to me after seein how many people published card ideas, back in my time when we posted an L5R card on any board we were told that was the best way to never see it published, no matter the quality of the card. As Tredain said it was better to talk about broader design terms.