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Between this and the IOUF insert I think Laughing Crow is becoming one of my favorite characters despite only having a few lines of dialogue.


What happened in the north end of Gomorra? Is this the aftermath of the Nightmare At Noon? Or is it an earlier event I’m forgetting about? Regardless, it’s an interesting outsider/top-down perspective of the town.

Maybe the ruins of the Whateley Estate are located there?

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She should be. Laughing Crow is awesome.

The northern end of town was dominated by the Collegium in its early days. When Knicknevin rose the first time, they launched a substantial assault against the demon, which it easily dispatched. In retaliation, Knicknevin jumped right into the middle of their main building and utterly destroyed most of the town at that end.

Afterwards, the Collegium didn’t rebuild everything, leaving a lot of it in ruins, as they shifted their focus to the “Power Plant” which they built over the remains of Lord Grimely’s Manor. As a result, the North End got a reputation for being somewhat haunted, the place that everyone steered away from and kids would dare each other to go for fun and games.

By the time of Reloaded, most of the old residents were gone, either by choice or otherwise, so a lot of fear that kept folks out had dissipated. So the new settlers have been slowly moving in to reclaim the ruined areas, including the Morgan Cattle Company … for the record, that’s where Max Baine found Stoker’s Sabre.


Very nice. Not a lot of action but tremendous ambiance, which is stupidly important for this setting. Nice to see more atmosphere building for the town and a little more clued in on the Warden’s actions.

Also agree, Laughing Crow is quickly growing to be my favorite character. Speaks her mind and knows even the simplest pleasures can help you feel better. Absolutely looking forward to seeing where the story takes this group, plus really digging just how magic oriented the group is. Defintely my main group now! :slight_smile: