Amazing Grace + Dudes Played Later in the Day

Here’s the text on Amazing Grace:

Noon Miracle 6, Boot: This blessed gains +1 influence and does not go home booted the next time they refuse a call out. Your other dudes gain +1 influence for the purposes of controlling locations. Your dudes cannot have their influence reduced by opposing abilities.”

Does Amazing Grace give your dudes who are played later that same turn +1 influence for controlling locations? Or does it only apply to the dudes you have in play at the time it is used?

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Seen and under review by RT!

Please be patient as we clarify and formulate a response consistent with similar rulings. Thread will be locked until that time. Rulings referenced include cards such as Fight They’ll Never Forget, Siege of the Orphanage, and Nightmare At Noon. For official event games at this time please play as the Influence bonus only applying to dudes currently in play at time of casting, however, this is still under review.