Animals! Circus or Otherwise

Joking with a friend I said that the Law Dogs should get a dog sidekick named “Scruff McGruff” with the deputy keyword. We then realized that circus animals have yet to make an appearance. A quick thought about it there could easily be a Lion (And Lion Tamer, maybe in the same set?), dancing bear abomination (Have it breathe fire and be called Smokey?), elephants, etc.

At that point I was thinking an entire expansion where each faction got an animal or two would be neat. Maybe a giant riding bull for MCC, wild dogs for Sloane, etc.

I’m wondering if anyone else thinks this is interesting (Or have good ideas for other animals, either dudes or goods)?

Well the Faithful Hound is sort of a Law Dog - He’s Wylie’s Dog, I forget the name, but it’s in his flavour text.

The risk with animals is there’s a fine line between characterful and full of weird west flavour, and too gimmicky.

However any animal card could very easily be a sidekick card.

Bramble, or something like that I think?

Also, I’m honestly surprised we haven’t seen more generic abominations yet like we had in Classic. Wall Crawlers, Maze Dragons, Mojave Rattlers, all that jazz.

Wylie’s dog is called Bramble :smile:

While killing time at work this afternoon I got to thinking about what stats I’d give to the characters and iconic gear from Deadlands games I’ve run/played in if they were Doomtown cards. One of them would be ‘Nitro the Wonder Horse’. This was a character’s horse, and when he hit Legendary rank the first edge he chose was ‘Behold a Pale Horse’ which made the horse a wild card sidekick. As the campaign ran weekly for four years, this horse became quite powerful (eventually it was killed by Stone, though the rest of the party escaped).

While I don’t think there should be anything on that level of power (at least not yet - there’s no story reason for it) I think a couple more sidekicks and animals would be a cool thing to have. The Fourth Ring seems like a perfect place for Lions, Tigers, Elephants etc. I can even see a ‘Zoo’ or ‘Menagerie’ home card that would support them. I don’t think a riding bull would work for Morgan, but they already have some horse support so some more cards expanding on that would be nice.


I wouldn’t be too surprised to see some circus abomination animals…maybe an undead elephant?

Those would also be cool…I could use those cards when I run my Deadlands campaign too…

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I’d be really stoked if there was a dancing bear, and I have a feeling we’ll definitely be seeing some kind of weird cattle in the near future.

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I could not like that comment enough I want to think of a gadgetry elephant tank or a abomination elephant similar look to oliphants but undead.

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An elephant for every faction, and a faction for every elephant!


Classic had some kind of infamous mountain lion or polecat or whatever didn’t it?

Classic had some kind of mountain lion or polecat or whatever didn’t it?

It was a mountain lion

Although it wasn’t actually a mountain lion…

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Yeah, there was a famous card called “It was a mountain lion.” to label an attack on one of the townsfolk. However, it was really a werewolf, Humphrey Walters, the town’s founder, if I’m not mistaken.