Another Design Diary! The much requested piece on gadgets

Sure there are lots of people who’ve been waiting to read this Design Diary, from what I remember of previous threads. As ever, these pieces are very welcome and help players understand the game better, and the direction design is going in.

It also seems to feature artwork with a Quaterman being torn apart by horses in front of a baying mob.

Oh the humanity!

Wait, that’s not quite right for a robotic cowboy…


Looks to me like those horses aren’t having much success. Go Quaterman!


I really enjoyed this article!

Drawn and ‘quatered’ ?


Well - the picture is called Public Display :smiley:

Finally QUATERMAN gets the recognition he deserves.

I just hope he doesnt go all SUZY309 on us though… (Secretly - I hope he does!)


QUATERMAN just looks so happy in this picture. :slight_smile:

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They always looks like this just before their breakdown…

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