Appeal for a universal "Dashboard"

Doomtown is, at times, also a game of managing “piles” of cards. Deck, discard, boot hill, at a location, now at a different location, attached, playing an action card, etc. I feel like a simple ruling, while having not-insignificant consequences, would be a neat way to cut down on the number of piles that need to be managed by introducing (really, formalizing) a new space on the game board. So here it is.

Jobs, Headlines, and Techniques all stay in play on the dashboard until the end of the phase they act within. And, that this “dashboard” be given a name (not “dashboard”, too modern) and referred to in the rulebook as a place to “put” the physical cards until the end of their being resolved.

Jobs already do this. That is, the job card remains “in play” (and not reshuffled) for the entire duration of the job. Essentially, my proposal is for both Headlines and Techniques to adopt this relationship to the board. And for both unified and separate reasons. The first is that playing Jobs, Headlines, and Techniques is a significant statement above playing “regular” actions. The second is that for Headlines, well, it would literally serve as the Headline for that shootout(!); and for Techniques, it would not only help to expedite and sort where to put what (so much card juggling doing combos - the “opening” technique, the pulled cards themselves, any feats, “plucking” the pulled card with Drunken Masters, and any “finishing” technique), but also serve to curb some of the potential for multi-round Kung-Fu recursive shenanegans.

Anyhow, been on my mind a long time. Finally sharing here. Cheers!


Guidepost? Placard? Signboard? Something to indicate an ongoing/continuing effect(?)

May I suggest:

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