Art Question - Bounty Hunter

This may be a silly question, but can anyone actually tell what’s going on in this piece of artwork? It seems to me that the man pictured is holding the lead to a horse with a captured mark riding atop it…but he’s also screaming and running which seems uncharacteristic of a bounty hunter bringing someone in.

What’s going on?

I take it as he is announcing to everyone within earshot of the criminal’s capture.

I was wondering this as well. It looks like the Bounty Hunter is amped up on some kind of powerful amphetamine, or is in the throes of an adrenaline/testosterone peak as he brings in an important mark.

All that is uncharacteristic (anger and shouting) about the bounty hunter’s attitude reminds me of this scene (Spoiler Alert: HUGE spoiler) in Equilibrium

I’d missed this thread way back in the day, thanks for exhuming it.

This raised a smile - we’ve all been conditioned to think of steely determined bounty hunters by Clint Eastwood films, but clearly the Weird West has some more exuberant characters. :wink:

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Been doing a lot of gravediggin past week :sweat_smile: though most of the time I only lurk (in the graveyard)
The Weird West inhabitants are pretty hot blooded, and those who are not are probably more disturbing, considering the setting (Always beware the quiet ones, they say)