Asakichi Cooke ability

Asakichi Cooke’s ability:

Noon: Discard a card. Move one of your other dudes from this location (without booting, even if booted).

I’d always assumed that you have to move a dude if you use this ability, as it desn’t say “You may move one of your other dudes…”. However I’ve seen it played as allowing a discard without needing to move a dude, which leads me to the following questions:

Can the ability just be used to discard a card if there is a legal target at Asakichi’s location that can be moved?
Can the ability just be used to discard a card if you have no other dudes at Asakichi’s location?

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The reason this is possible is because Doomtown requires the first line (up to the first period) to be completed in an ability which here is “discard a card.”

If there is no other dude at the location, the ability is finished after you discard a card because you can’t choose another dude to move. However, you can’t ‘refuse’ to move another dude if there is one at Cookes location.