At what step does the Challenge Action resolve? + Soline's Reaction

Cpt. Dunzo — Today at 6:45 PM At what step does the Issue a Challenge action resolve? Is it after the duel ends?
CroyLCM — Today at 6:46 PM One it has been accepted or refused and the duel either doesn’t start or begins.
Cpt. Dunzo — Today at 6:46 PM So Soline can accept a challenge and move herself out of the location? Does threat get assigned to her or does it fizzle?
CroyLCM — Today at 6:47 PM Mmmm that’s a good one. She can’t just evade the fight. So this is “move” vs “move action” question. So the “challenge action” is complete once the duel resolves, or is refused.
Cpt. Dunzo — Today at 6:51 PM
Should language be added to the duel sequence to reflect that? I’m not seeing anything that implies when the action is complete in either direction.
CroyLCM — Today at 6:51 PM that "challenge action’ comprises the challenge and the subsequent rounds. So yes, the “Challenge action” is complete once the duel is concluded or failed to start honestly ther action should be “initiate a duel” or something similar not "the challenge action’ which incorporates “issuing a challenge” as a concept and not as a coded things this is the same as “wait, if I move using a card do I engage?” because “moving” and the “move action” are different
Cpt. Dunzo — Today at 6:54 PM Yeah, I get that.
CroyLCM — Today at 6:55 PM So yes, the challenge action is over once the duel ends. Either accepted and played out, or refused. @Cpt. Dunzo well done

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Updated for timing purposes and text of most recent rulebook.

The challenge action finishes resolving after the challenge has been accepted and played out, or refused