Automaton shootout plays

am I correct in assuming that when it comes to the Automaton´s turn to make a shootout play, it makes a pull and receives a ghost rock as a recompense if it doesn´t have a shootout action/ability to use (in-hand or in-play)?
Or it is resolved in any other way I´m not able to see?
Thanks in advance for your help.

Not Doomtown rules team, but I would recommend you read starting from about page 37 to see how the Automaton/Solo Variant plays:

If you are using the Doomtown online client, most of this is scripted behind the scenes in the coding. So it is not explicitly telling you, but it is based on the pulled card and what the chart/logic flow would be. Page 42 has the chart to reference when a pull is made. Again, the automaton in Doomtown online is mostly resolving what is on this chart behind the scenes, but you can somewhat follow along in the chat log. Keep in mind the Automaton is able to do things during it’s turn that is well beyond what a human player is allowed to do in a standard game. The Automaton functions this way, intentionally, to provide a challenge and an interesting twist from playing a standard game.

Yeah… I think I have figured it out know, after playing a few solo online games with the solo rules in front to follow the automaton…
So, in shootouts, the automaton makes a pull in it´s turn, and only makes a shootout play if it has an eligible shootout action (printed on an in-play card or in hand), based on the order shown on step 3 (use an ability) on the chart (everything else is skipped), otherwise it gets a ghost rock.

Thankyou for your help.

Yes that is correct.

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