Bad Medicine full (I think) Spoiler

I found this on reddit.
I want to try a deck built around the new jia Mein.

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I hope we’re getting a story to go with ‘No Funny Business’. Going off the art it looks like Mongwau was up to something dodgy at the Morgan Mining Company but underestimated the level of security.

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Unfortunately, Jia xp1 doesn’t do much for Deliberate Infection, other than pull it from your discard, and then it effectively will cost you 3 GR. :frowning:

Sophia looks like aeg wants to make 108 the best landslide deck ever.

While Horace isn’t an abomination, he could do very nice things for an abomination deck. There was always a fear of getting 2 unique abominations in boot hill, he though, can pull one into hand, opening up the other to be soul caged, or raising helled.

Errand boy,at first I wasn’t impressed with, than I thought, what if I treat him like a really useful ‘sidekick’ card. No, he isn’t a sidekick for purpose of game play rules, I know. Think of him as a ‘sidekick’ that can ace for 2 casualties, adds a draw, can equip gadgets himself, and even have them traded to him, run them over somewhere else, ‘not trade’ move it to a different dude(bypassing the limit on attachments getting traded only once per day, and also bypassing trading in town square or opponents home) His major downside is his value, and I’m not impressed enough to start him.

The place looks like a fun card, GR for everyone!


I was thinking as a starter in my shotgun/Corporeal Twist/forced quarantine deck. Now with added incubation!

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I agree with the errand boy. Initially not impressed and then I saw he would be able to get Bio-Charged Neutralizer to another dude - or gadgets from dudes being pistolwhipped home etc.

And agree - he is cheaper than a sidekick and covers 2 casualties, whats not to like!

Or Willa who covers all casualties for 1 gr. Now that’s value!

I’m looking forward to Shotgunning so many faces with the Boar. What a dude!


And he stays a stud for far longer this time!

I actually intentionally didn’t post the full spoilers here. Last time there were full spoilers people didn’t seem too excited about it. Glad to see that people don’t mind so much this time around. edit: I guess it probably has to do with the pack being released really soon. I’ve had the pack since Thursday, I assumed it was the release date… but with the preview article posted Monday I guess it wasn’t.

The card I’m most excited about (that wasn’t already spoiled) is Focusing Chi. If you are going for lots of low kung fu dudes instead of 1 high kung fu dude, this card is going to give them guaranteed success, and also lets you cycle it for a new card if you don’t need it that turn. Just seems like a really solid utility card.

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Well it says Spoiler in the title and no one has to read it if they don’t want to.

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Oh boy Willa is awesome. She fits perfectly in so many of my starting posses…