Bad Medicine page up

It is here…:

Hmm… Seems like a man with a huge gadget and a house…

A feverish deal? Now what is missus Morgan up to? And Sloane secrets :smiley:

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Could the house be the Morgan Estate?

A feverish deal sounds like Ivor’s going to be offering Lillian a cure, the price will be whatever he wants and she’s not in a position to refuse. Hmmm… Since that plague wiped out the cattle herds, there’s a lot of former ranch land that just became available. How convenient.

More Sloane revelations are always cool, especially if they mean another chapter of the Ballad of Mario Crane :smile:

I am of course now wondering what the Foul Play story sheet is, since it doesn’t look like it’s going to be out in the UK for another week or two.

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I tried to write something here but had to redact it all :slight_smile:

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I’m sure it’ll be up on the Archives page soon.

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After re-reading the Dirty Deeds story sheet, it could also be Lillian handing the company over to Lula…

… however something struck me as a little odd. Why did Lula ask Ivor for help with removing Lillian? Going by what we’ve seen from the stories so far, The Fourth Ring seem to have been doing a good job at hiding their true nature and their influence over current events in Gomorra. Asking the circus’ Ringmaster for that kind of help doesn’t seem like the kind of move someone would make unless they knew there was a lot more to him than the theatrical flair and winning smile. Is Lula a lot sharper than she’s letting everyone think she is, or did she just get lucky in asking the right person for help?

They have a business relationship already, so it’s probably more of a “Hey, while I have you here…” kind of thing.

A fair question … for the most part, I prefer to leave such questions lying, but this one might imply something more than we might hope for.

Lula, and others, know that Ivor is a player in town. He may not hold office or anything like that, but when you’ve been around for a while, you develop a reputation (and as you’ve mentioned, they’ve done a good job of keeping the reputation that they want, not the one they deserve). Remember that Ivor made a rather public show of setting up a public quarantine on behalf of Gomorra in The Light Shineth, an act that would bring his name into even greater notoriety than before, and one that extends beyond simple entertainment of the people.

So when a player like this comes asking for a favor, as Ivor did in Dirty Deeds, Lula naturally asks for a little back-scratching as well. She needs an ally, one without potential ties back to Lillian. So she asks Ivor for his help.

There are other questions that could be asked, such as why Lula just accepts a dirty handkerchief as the potential instrument of Lillian’s downfall without even beginning to wonder why such a gift would come from Ivor. Interestingly enough, that shifts the conversation into the opposite direction … is Lula a lot duller than she’d like everyone to think she is, or is she just that blinded by greed and hatred to care?