Bad Medicine Preview - Janosz Pratt

Looks pretty good to me: deputy, mad science 1 and fetches cards from discard! Cheap too, so you’re not booting your best dude to invest gadgets and event makes a reasonable bullet catcher. Sad science 1 lets you play the (excellent) auto-revolver alongside key Deputy support card Faster on the Draw.

Will experiment with him - simple and cheap, but opens some interesting deck creation avenues be being a cheap mad science 1 body. Fetching gadgets from discard is pretty handy too, even if they’re just temporary.

It looks like the design team finally realized that booting is too much of a cost for inventing gadgets. Cards like this and Marty help inventing without booting. It is a good dude and an interesting addition to law dogs scientist and morgan both.

Just guessing here, but may well be that the factions that didn’t get two dudes last saddlebag get two this time, as Janosz is number 5 in the pack. I wondered if they’d keep giving EW and 108 two characters until they caught up, but his numbering seems to add up better with 1 = 108, 2 = EW 3 & 4 = Fourth Ring 5 & 6 = Law Dogs, particularly as Janosz is a 3 value and any second law dog is likely to be higher value.

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He’s got an cool ability, that’s for certain. Being a 3-value dude you’re probably going to want to start him rather than have him in the deck, and he looks like he works well alongside Zoe. It’s a little disappointing that he lacks influence, but being cheap means you’ll finally be able to start two Law Dog Mad Scientists, have some ghost rock to spend on dudes other than Travis and Jake and have a decent stash to get building on the first day :smile:

I suppose one advantage to being a 0-influence Mad Scientist is that you can boot him to invent something and then not have to worry about the fact he’s stuck at home unable to contest deeds.

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It looks like the design team finally realized that booting is too much of a cost for inventing gadgets. Cards like this and Marty help inventing without booting.

Except he boots to use his ability. I think it’s templated like this most likely to get around the questions of can he invent gadgets in uncontrolled locations although maybe in the future we’ll see some card that removes the boot cost from abilities.

When I first saw him I thought he was great but I’m becoming less and less sure. He doesn’t really gel too well with Abram’s Crusaders unless we see a Melee Gadget so maybe of use with the Arsenal. The 0 influence is a little painful and I don’t think he comes out favourable in the comparson to Kyle Wagner or Roderick Byre (although the Roderick comparison is a lot closer). It’s a natural starting partnership with Zoe but that’s still 7 GR and 1 upkeep, maybe Rico + Jake + Philip which leaves you with 2 GR and an impressive 6 influence which should sustain you for a while but you’re relying on Faster on the Draw for your stud bullets for a while. Part of me thinks maybe some bizarre Diable en Boite deck but maybe just lots of bullets with Flamethrower or Bio-Charged Neutralizer.

He seems like he should be great, but I just struggle to think of a Law Dogs deck that I want to build that I can now with him.

I can tell you from experience that he’s a nuisance to play around.

Zoe Synergy is nuts.
Flamethrower from nowhere is nuts.
Auto-Revolver from nowhere is nuts.
Goddamn Bio-Charged Neutraliser from nowhere is nuts.

He does lack influence which is a bit unfortunate, but his ability is Godlike in a weapon deck with Zoe. He’s one of the cards I’ve been eager to see arrive in the real world.

Zoe’s 2 influence for 4 cost is good value now that we have deputies we want to start with her.

Zoe, Phil, Janosz is only 10GR. Add in Jake + Rico and you get 5 sundown influence, MS 3 weapon maker, funky Janosz ability, and some card draw for the low low price of 14 GR

Remy? Is that you?

Really interesting Dude !

I will try another Law Dogs Gadget for sure !