Bad Medicine Spoiler: Yagn’s Mechanical Skeleton


Howdy Folks, as most of you are aware , I operate a love/hate relationship with my camera and editing software. This week the software won our little fight so here’s the Whizzwang spoiler in text form.

Posting the keywords earlier this week generated a LOT of excitement for this card. A few ideas were floated and I am more than happy to show you the below and confirm that it is in fact A GIANT FREAKING ROBOT POWERSUIT!!!

LOOK AT IT! It’s amazing. I don’t even know where to begin with this one. Let’s get the obvious one out of the way, this card is J.W.Byrne’s best mate. You can activate MechaByrne in all his awesome glory for a single card investment at two Ghost Rock. It’s also a fantastic synergy card for Chuan “Jen” Qi.

+3 Value: In your face shotgun!

+2 Bullets: As it isn’t a melee weapon there a very few things that can turn this off. Unprepared is a nuisance at best, especially as you can boot Yagn’s to cancel it with A Slight Modification.

+1 Influence: Even if it’s not on J.W or Jen, this is still a solid influence gain for the investment. You wouldn’t play Yagn’s just for this, but it’s deed stealing gravy on an all round amazing card.

It’s a Weapon: Which means it can be invented by Zoe in a Law Dog gadget deck. LD gadgets has had a rough deal up until now. You’re either running Holy Wheel Gun / Auto-Revolver or you’re not running gadgets at all. The Skeleton provides a truly awesome piece of kit for Arsenal Decks and I can’t wait to start laying down some mechanical law…

It’s a horse!: You can search for it with Horse Wranglin’. You can boot it for Ridden Down. It’s absolutely BONKERS! when equipped to Lane exp. Think about it. Lane moves to an opposing dude, boots them, calls them out, they can’t refuse and he cannot be sent home from the fight. Do that out of stables and when it’s all over, you get another action as well. Oh yeah, and it only costs ONE Ghost Rock in a Stables deck.

Difficulty 9: Easily inventable by a skill 2 Mad Scientist in a deck running 7’s and higher leaving access to a lot of cool support gadgets like Force Field

Trait awesomeness: The suit also grants QUATERMAN style immunity to movement and booting effects. I’d like to see a Spirit Fortress deal with a pair of these bad boys!

There is so much going on with this card that’s amazing it’s hard to cover it all!

Sample Deck:
Byrnezilla vs Gomorrakyo

MECHABYNE! At his most basic - Get him a Skeleton, go and smash face.

Starting with 3 wealth, 1 income and 3 influence

:spades: Dudes (17)
1x A Irving Patterson (S)
1x A William Specks (S)
1x 2 Kyle Wagner (S)
1x 4 Howard Aswell (S)
1x 5 Chuan “Jen” Qí
1x 7 Nathan Shane
1x 7 Roderick Byre
1x 8 “Dead” Billy Jones
1x 8 Jon Longstride
1x 9 Jarrett Blake
1x 10 Lane Healey (Exp.1)
1x J Clint Ramsey
1x J El Grajo
1x J Rémy LaPointe
1x J Warren Graves
1x Q J.W. Byrne (S)
1x K Lillian Morgan (Exp.1)

:clubs: Actions (15)
3x 6 Horse Wranglin’
4x 7 Run 'Em Down!
4x 8 A Slight Modification
4x J Flight of the Lepus

:diamonds: Deeds (9)
1x 7 Blake Ranch
1x 7 Cattle Market
1x 7 Maza Gang Hideout
1x 8 Circle M Ranch
1x 8 Cooke’s Nightcap
1x 8 Lula’s Exploit
1x 8 Pat’s Perch
1x J California Tax Office
1x J Jackson’s Strike

:heart: Goods (11)
4x 7 Auto-Revolver
3x 8 Force Field
4x J Yagn’s Mechanical Skeleton

Jokers (2)
1x Joker (black)
1x Joker (red)


A good friend to the original Lane Healey, as well!

Yep, this is just what Law Dog gadgets needed!


Yeah. Zoe decks are actually terrifying now.

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Indeed, good points @Whizzwang and @Doomdog, Zoe can invent this as it’s a Weapon.

A mad scientist 1 lets you play this safely in a deck that runs off key law-dogs value 8 for bounty hunter fun. Get enough deputies with Zoe and you can pack 6s (for key deputy card faster on the draw).

Whether or not this turns out to be a strong card, it will certainly lead to some interesting and fun deck-building. Cards that spark creativity and lead to new deck types are great.

Like the Byrnezilla vs Gomorrakyo deck name. :wink:

Will players be able to stand the inevitable barrage of Alien references the card will prompt?


To add to the awesome, when Margaret Hagerty is at the same location, this dude will get -1 upkeep as well due to gaining the Gadget keyword.


…and if you’re going the 6 route you can add Recursive Motion Machines - lower your upkeep and provide ghost rock to power your Force Field.

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Wait…no blessed?

Just looking the mechanical gift horse in the mouth :flushed: …I first became interested in Doomtown because of the mad science/steampunk theme. It is exciting to see this theme get fleshed out and come into power!

J.W. Byrne wants a fitting.


Janosz inventing this into a shootout is very good as well. Boldman would also use the suit well.

As an aside, this is better than Quaterman’s movement blocking, as your own cards can boot or move the dude.

Sadly, it doesn’t stop bullet penalties…but we can’t have everything. :wink:

Given the way Elander’s mind seems to work, I can see him inventing one of these just so he can reach high-up shelves, lift heavy boxes and unscrew stuck jam jar lids. His lawnmower has a gatling gun bolted to it…


What an amazing card!

Are you running Byrnezilla out of Stables?

It’s equally good out of stables or gadgetorium. Personal preference really.