Barton Everest VS QuickDraw Handgun?

Just started playing this week and we were unsure how this should play out. My opponent had a cheating hand and Barton Everest while I was holding QuickDraw Handgun. His original hand (before any modifications) was higher ranked than mine. Does the effect from Barton’s ability transfer, stay, or go away?

The Quickdraw Handgun would let you swap the draw hand, but the hand rank bonus from Barton wouldn’t transfer. Barton’s trait triggers on reveal of a cheatin’ hand, so even if you use the Quickdraw Handgun to swap their hand for a legal one the bonus still applies.

So does that mean the hand I give them will go up by one rank, since Barton’s ability activated?

Yep! Anything that modifies a hand rank stays with the player regardless of what happens to the draw hand. This applies to other cheatin’ resolutions like Bottom Dealin’ as well.

Got it! Thanks for the quick response guys!

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