Bastien's Trait re Swapping characters into the duel

Daigotsu Kaikou — Yesterday at 3:30 PM
Hello guys! I’m not really sure how does Bastian work. The text says that he (with the new erratas every character) may swap with the participating character.

I want to know if I’m doing this correctly.

1- Situation: Opponent character challenge your character threatening 3. You use the technique acquired because of Bastian and you play a card. Let’s say that you block 1 and attack for 3 so you should take 2 damages. Who takes that damage Bastian or the character who was the target of the duel initially?

2- This may be obvious but I have to ask it. How many times can you gamble if you have gambled with your character before you swap?

3- If a maneuver (not today for example) moves a character that is using Bastian’s technique to swap. Who moves? Is there an order that priories techniques over maneuver or vice versa or is the active player who choses what resolves first?

Dragonhatter — Yesterday at 4:19 PM
1. Maneuvers and Techniques resolve before RPT.

2. Gambling is times it has happened during the duel. It is part of the reason for tracking that in the dueling line. So if you have Gambled 2 times a character with 2 finesse couldn’t gamble even if they are new to the fight.

3. Active player chooses order for activation of their Techniques and Maneuvers. That being said ‘Not Today’ is not a Maneuver and happens at the end of the round after RPT has resolved.
[4:20 PM] If that is not clear please let us know.

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