Bed Medicine Preview & Story - The Orphanage

See here for more adventures with the Jackelope Gang!

The card’s pretty sweet as well :smile:


Those kids sure love messing around the Whateley Estate :slight_smile:

Benji Washington and his Kung-Fu Gang sounds neat for a Band name.

This deed is pure gold for landslides. Old law dogs should like it as well I think, since value 3 is pretty good for shooters, and it’s it’s government and private.

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Really? I considered this more anti-slide than pro-slide. Your opponent isn’t going to let you keep 2 CP deeds (it’s a 4 CP swing in their favour) so OK you reduce their CPs but they’ll just camp this late game to keep them forcing you into a shootout you need to win.

This also gives your opponent extra incentive to play 2 CP deeds against landslide. This effectively makes them 1 CP deeds so nowhere near as bad since the penalty of you occupying them is nowhere near as bad.

OK yes it can give you more production but I just don’t see you being able to keep this.