Best HCWM Dude?

Tawodi, Mr. Baird, and Joan McGruder are obvious contenders, but I’d like to make the case for Pete Spence.

Yes, he’s just a cheapie Dude with an ability that’s narrower/weaker than Doomsday Supply, but while you have to draw each copy of Doomsday Supply seperately (which may or may not be on-value), Pete lets an Outlaw deck tutor from day 1 for a whole bunch of geared-towards-specific-opposition cards (Peacemaker, Shotgun, Tusk, Scattergun, Knight’s Chasuble, Fancy New Hat, and more).

And yes, he’s limited to what’s in your discard pile at any given time (Travis Moone and Henry Moran may help out here), but within those limits, he can run the job in your own home just by stepping outside first, acfivate Elliot Smithson’s ability immediately, and give you a head start on bounty generation.


Woohoo, appreciate the love for Pete Spence. It’s gonna be so good for ‘em bad boy Outlaws.

I’m also looking forward to see what Camilla S. Fly can do for a mid range DMH deck. Or Maurice Crooker in a deck with actions to join shootouts. Speaks-with-Buffalo will also fit nicely into my idea of a Death by Influence, First People deck.


Maurice Croker just didn’t make my cut above, but definitely my favourite FM dude from the set - whether you combine him with posse-joining (Gateway, Shadow Walk, exp Kevin), or studifying Shootout actions (including Mogwai, Popescus, Jia Mein - heck,even John Radcliffe if you get the first action), or just leveling the playing field.

Not entirely convinced that Camillus offers more than Daomei Wang in most decks, but I guess you can go 2+2 to avoid too much deadweight if the croaks.

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I am down with Pete.

Also the old Listen Up art!


[quote=“Benni, post:2, topic:3835, full:true”]
Woohoo, appreciate the love for Pete Spence. It’s gonna be so good for ‘em bad boy Outlaws. [/quote]

And with no Influence, Pete can be tossed into plenty of non-Outlaw-decks as a later-game cheap body who can also fetch you a couple of

  • Melee Weapons for Abram’s Crusaders
  • Various other gadget weapons, including Net Gun which is geared towards constantly discarding and even fits his value, as well as Decimator Array
  • Similarly for Morgan decks, including being a backup for Maggie Harris as a Yagn-fetcher (and if you get them both out, Irving Patterson gets to do his join-a-job-at-home-while-booted-for-1-GR trick twice per turn).
  • Attires for First People Bethany Shiile decks, or just to go with influence-leveraging (hello Ranger’s Bible for Enapay)
  • Nunchucks for Kung Fu decks, and Attires to pump influence for Behold White Bull
  • A selection of Mystical Weapons (Devil’s Six Gun, Jael’s Guile, Colt Dragoons…), and Chasubles for Bayou Vermillion