Blazing Saddles & Doomtown Classic

Or: How I Learned That J.P. Coleman Is, In Fact, a Bad Guy (but not that bad, given that he calls you “son”).

“Head 'Em Off at the Pass? I hate that cliché!”

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One of the nice things that the Pinebox starters for classic did was updating the flavour text for the changes in the story. Coleman’s replacement as sheriff shared his views on this cliche.


[quote=“Harlath, post:2, topic:2186, full:true”]Coleman’s replacement as sheriff shared his views on this cliche.

For a little while, I tought you were talking about his own replacement, i.e. exp Harrowed J.P. Coleman

but then… there was no flavour text until Boot Hill Edition

found some others amongst my cards, Max Baine vs exp. Max Baine, Northop vs Harrowed Northop… in sheriffs & law dogs, didn’t find anything, for now.

It’s late, though. Now that I have all my collection out, I’ll be sure to browse through all that tomorrow :heart_eyes: ahhh the memories

I like the experienced J.P. Coleman: communicates a lot of flavour and story via his keywords, art and ability. “The Former Sheriff” is a particular favourite.