Bonus GenCon Spoiler!

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When the Faction Pack lands in September the 108 Righteous Bandits pre constructed deck list offers us a glimpse of the future. A deed from The Light Shineth, the next pinebox to hit Doomtown Reloaded. It’s Called the Extra Bet!


All these new key words coming! Can’t wait to see what plays off of them.

At a guess, we’ll see things like a Bandit dude who gets an influence bonus in Seedy deeds, and perhaps an action that moves Transients around or unboots them.

Apparently, there is a new templating starting on The light shineth, controller clause is removed from deed actions.

Pete O’Carroll: Only the controller can use the ability. Now I think of it the “controller” text on other deed’s abilities is kind of redundant.

Good call in general, I too felt that it was redundant.
But, does it mean that Marcia Ridge won’t let me use that ability from town square?

I don’t see how it changes things. If all deed abilities are Controller abilities by default, then Marcia should be able to use the abilities of adjacent deeds if you control the Town Square. It isn’t a keyword that’s being referenced and it would be kinda silly if she only worked with deeds from the first year of releases due to a change in card templating.

Yeah, ‘controller’ abilities will likely be considered the default. She’ll probably get errata to clarify her ability along the lines of being able to use the abilities as if you were the controller.

I like this works for the 4 spot really well. Since I don’t like playing dogs and sloane I have a 4 that can’t punish me if I lose control.