Borderlands Epitaph Event results

With the event in the book and new friends made, our event was a great success. We had 6 turn out to play, but a lot of different deck represented and new play styles to learn.

Big thanks to the Gomorra Gazette guys for coming out to make the event a great time.

Chan was the big winner with a Ant-Cheat Law Dog. His city of choice is Tombstone (Law Dogs - Don't Cheat Me *Jacksonville Epitaph* · DoomtownDB)

He was followed by:

Jason - 108 Dead Man Draw
Tombstone - Regulator Run and Gun (Morgan Run and Gun - Jacksonville Epitaph Event (3rd Place) · DoomtownDB)
Tim - Sloan Desolation shooter (Things to do in Gammora when you're dead. · DoomtownDB)
Straight Mike - Regulator Stall
Joe - Full Moon Hexer

A great time was had by all, and we look forward to more event.0


Glad to hear everyone had a great time!

To clarify, the Tombstone choice was for European Championship, but the factions represented contribute towards which one will be leading our story there!